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Ankle Fracture Surgery


This surgery fixes an unstable break in your ankle. The break could be in the small bone of your lower leg, called the “fibula” or the larger bone, called the “tibia.” Sometimes, they’re both broken. Your surgeon will stabilize your bones so your ankle can heal.


Ankle Fracture Surgery

What is Ankle Fracture Surgery?

To begin, you are given medicine to put you to sleep. The surgeon makes one or more incisions in your skin. These may be on one or both sides of your ankle. The surgeon carefully inspects your ankle. If small, loose pieces of bone are found, they are taken out.

Your surgeon may use one or more implants to stabilize your joint. The type of implants chosen is based on your needs. Screws, plates and rods can be used.

Post-Surgical Recovery Process

When the repair is done, the incisions are closed. Your ankle is immobilized. You are watched for a brief time. Most patients can go home the same day. Your healthcare provider will give you tips to help you as you heal. You will need physical therapy.

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