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Imaging, CT, and MRI

Onsite Imaging, At Your Service

If referred for an MRI scan, Orthopedic ONE Imaging Services offers you the latest and most advanced imaging equipment in a modern and comfortable environment- with an experienced technologist and radiologist on-site.

As a private, physician-owned orthopedic practice,  imaging, CT and MRI costs are often much lower than are hospitals and out patient centers.  We share those cost saving with you.

While it is always your choice as to where you seek medical care, we would like you to consider the advantages of having your CT or MRI scan here at Orthopedic ONE.

What is a MRI?

MRI, short for Magnetic Resonance Imaging refers to an non-invasive imaging procedure that combines magnetic frequency and radio waves to gather detailed images of internal organs.

Why do we offer MRI at Orthopedic One?

A MRI produces high resolution images of your skeletal system that help our physicians diagnose a range of problems. These images are clearer and more detailed then your conventional X-Rays. Physicians will use a MRI to look at tissues and organs such as the brain, spine, and heart.

What is a CT?

CT, refers to a computerized x-ray imaging procedure in which a narrow beam of x-rays is aimed at a patient and quickly rotated around the body, allowing our physicians to see a full body x-ray of the injury. These tomographic images contain more detailed information than conventional x-rays.

A CT scan is particularly useful when imaging complex bone fractures and severely eroded joints, since it produces more detail than would be possible with a conventional x-ray. Additionally, with a 70cm wide bore hole, a CT scan is preferred for large body habitus patients and claustrophobic patients. A CT is also ideal for patients with contraindicated implants who cannot be scanned with MRI.

*CT Imaging Services will be available exclusively at our Upper Arlington location.

Connected care

Our highly-trained and compassionate staff, including an on-site radiologist, have the experience and training to serve you, no matter the orthopedic injury or condition you may be experiencing. They work in partnership with you, and your orthopedic physician to ensure the highest quality image and experience.

Following your scan, the on-site radiologist will deliver detailed results to your orthopedic doctor in a timely manner, and images may be important directly into your electronic medical record here at the practice.