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Durable Medical Equipment


Orthopedic ONE delivers convenient continuity of care for our patients by providing quality durable medical equipment, along with application and care instructions at the same location as your office visit. We comply with all Medicare (DMEPOS) standards, and our charges are consistent with prevailing insurance rates.

Benefit of DME From Your Physician’s Office

Our physicians work directly with our DME staff to source the highest quality brands and materials to provide you with the best possible care and treatment outcomes. When receiving your product at Orthopedic ONE, you will have a trained medical professional custom fit the product to you, educate you on proper use, and assist with questions or concerns related to items throughout the duration of your care.

This service provides your physician or therapist with the ability to evaluate you in a brace, sling, boot, or other assisted device, and make any adjustments necessary, before you leave our office.

What is DME?

Durable Medical Equipment, or DME, refers to supplies that provide therapeutic benefits for certain orthopedic conditions. Common DME products that we provide include:

• Walking Boots
• Crutches
• Slings
• Splints
• Braces
• Custom Orthoses

Is DME Covered by Insurance?

Many DME items we provide are covered by insurance, but when and how much is covered relies heavily on your insurance plan type, deductibles and co-insurance. Orthopedic ONE will obtain necessary insurance approvals and submit claims on your behalf. While there may be out-of-pocket costs for patients who have not met their deductible, it is advantageous to submit items through insurance as costs are applied toward satisfying your deductible. Upon request, we can provide a general estimate for common DME items.

What if DME is not covered by my insurance?

A provider may suggest that a patient use a specific medical device that is not generally covered by insurance, or that we do not carry. In this case, patients will be instructed to obtain items from a medical supply store or other retail store.

Can I purchase my own DME?

Some DME items we carry, or similar products, can be found at local drugstores or through online retailers. Patients are welcome to purchase DME from these sellers; however, we cannot fit DME, nor guarantee the effectiveness of products not provided by Orthopedic ONE. Prior to providing a new item, our team will ask if you have been provided a same or similar DME item in the past five years that could be reused.

Can I return DME Items?

Products may not be returned due to health regulations. Return or replacement of substandard (less than full quality for the particular item) items will be accepted. If you experience issues with a DME item, please contact your provider’s office so that we may assist you.