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Meniscal Tear Surgeries


One wrong move, and ouch, you’ve torn something in your knee.

Surgery to Fix a Meniscus Tear

Although the knee joint is generally quite flexible, when twisted the wrong way (while playing basketball, for example), the cushioning cartilage around the joint can tear. This is known as a meniscus tear – and may require surgical repair.

Other Causes of Meniscus Tears:

  • Pivoting the knee while the foot remains stationary
  • Repetitive kneeling
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Lifting an object while rising to a standing position

Ortho ONE’s sports medicine physicians are experts at evaluating and repairing torn menisci to restore normal knee function.

What Happens During Meniscus Surgery

During Meniscal Tear Surgery, your doctor will likely use the arthroscopic technique. That simply means that the surgeon will make a series of small incisions instead of a large one.

These small incisions allow the surgeon to insert a camera, called an arthroscope, as well as a variety surgical instruments into the incisions to see the damage and complete the repair.

On-The-Spot Evaluation of Severity

During the 30- to 45-minute procedure, your doctor will evaluate the condition of your meniscus and determine whether or not it can be repaired. The goal is to save as much healthy tissue as possible to prevent future, degenerative changes.

If the tear is really bad, your surgeon may need to remove just the damaged portion. The surgeon will then repair the healthy cartilage, and suture or anchor it to the bone. After surgery, you’ll need several weeks of recovery, including physical therapy.

Meniscus Tear Surgery Demonstration

This video will give you a closer look at how the procedure is typically done. Of course, talk with your Ortho ONE physician about your injury, as well as your surgical and non-surgical treatment options.


Meniscus Repair

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