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Finger Fracture Treatment


The most common form of treatment is casting or splinting to allow the finger to heal. The finger may also be taped to the adjacent finger to prevent rotation of the finger in the cast. If the fracture ends are misaligned, surgery will likely be required to realign the fracture ends and hold them in place with pins, plates or screws.


Finger Fracture Fixation

What is Finger Fracture Treatment?

To begin, we give you medicine to make you feel relaxed and numb. For some breaks, we don’t need to make an incision. We place pins directly through your skin and into the broken pieces of the bone. The pins hold them securely.

Making an incision
For other breaks, we need to make an incision to reach the bone. This incision may be on the top or the side of your finger. It depends on which bone’s broken, and how badly it’s broken.

Fixing the bone
Once we’ve exposed the bone, we put the pieces back together. Then, we use hardware to hold them together.

End of procedure
When it’s done, your skin is closed and bandaged. A splint may be used to keep your finger from moving while it heals. If we put pins in your finger, we’ll remove them after the bone heals. Follow your care plan for a safe recovery.

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