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Bunion Treatment (Bunionectomy)


This outpatient procedure is performed to correct a bunion, a deformity of the toe joint. During the procedure, the surgeon may remove excess bone and then shift the toe into proper alignment. This surgery is commonly performed with regional anesthesia.

In preparation for the procedure, the patient is positioned and anesthesia is administered. The surgeon creates an incision along the side of the toe to expose the bunion. The surgeon may removea portion of this bone to eliminate the large bump. Inmost cases, this alone is not enough to correct the deformity. Commonly, the bones of the toe require realignment.

To correct the toe’s alignment, the surgeon carefully cuts below the head of the first metatarsal. This allows the head of the bone to be repositioned. The surgeon may need to release tendons attached to the toe to eliminate the forces that are pulling the toe out of position.

The surgeon shifts the head of the first metatarsal to improve the alignment. The head of this bone is stabilized with screws, pins or other fixation devices.

End of Procedure and After Care
When the procedure is complete, the surgeon closes the incision and bandages the foot. After  abrief period of monitoring, the patient is allowed to go home. The patient will wear a walking cast, splint or surgical shoe for the next several weeks while the toe heals. The patient will be able to resume normal activities after six to eight weeks.



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