Follow along as Orthopedic ONE's Kirsten von Zychlin, DPT, AT, SCS, guides you through a proper functional warm-up. Warming-up prior to exercise prepares the body for movement on a cellular level. Functional and Dynamic Warm-Ups have been found to be more successful at getting the body ready for activity and reducing the risk of injury compared with static stretching.

Components of a Functional Warm Up

  • General movement to increase core temperature
  • Dynamic/Fluid movement to prepare muscles for movement
  • Sport-Specific activity to engage appropriate hand-eye coordination and prepare the nervous system to move optimally for your sport


  • Leave enough time for at least 10-15 minutes to warm-up prior to activity
  • The end of your warm-up and the start of activity should be less than 10 minutes
  • Start slow and increase in quickness as you go 

Start with a Full Body Movement 

  • Example: Planks 
  • Planks are utilized primarily as a core exercise, but the entire body is activating during this exercise. 

Add in Front to Back Dynamic Activity 

  • Example: Lunges 

Incorporate Side to Side Dynamic Activity 

  • Example: Side Lunges 

Increase Speed and Intensity 

  • Examples: High Knees, Butt Kickers, Side Shuffles, and Jumping Jacks 

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