When we think of bone health, we may associate it with thinning or fragile bones, and images of older adults may come to mind. However, to enjoy good bone health later in life, it’s important to incorporate good habits early to build up your “bone bank” and to combat any non-modifiable risk factors that may be out of your control.

Follow along as Orthopedic ONE's Lisa Reynolds, DPT, MBA, discusses tips for building and maintaining strong bones and demonstrates exercises you can incorporate into your day to improve bone density!

Air Squats

  • This is a basic movement that most of us can do each day. Simply do 10 daily and continue working on your technique. Before you begin, ask your physical therapist or athletic trainer to check your technique for safety and effectiveness.


  • Start by doing three sets and holding each plank for 15 seconds. Once you can complete this with perfect technique, increase to 30 seconds. As you get stronger, increase in 15 second increments until you reach 1 minute.
  • At that point, talk to your physical therapist or athletic trainer and they will suggest ways to keep this exercise challenging, based on your abilities.

Farmer Walks/Suitcase Carries 

  • This is an excellent strength and posture builder and can be done using gym equipment such as kettlebells or dumbbells, or household items like gallons of milk!
  •  To make this exercise even more functional, use bags of groceries from your shopping trip. There are lots of opportunities to work this move into your daily life.
  • Make sure to keep your shoulders “down and back,” your core engaged, and your posture upright.


  • These can be harder than they seem! If you are not used to doing full jumps, consult your physical therapist or athletic trainer before incorporating this exercise into your routine.
  • If you are proficient at jumping, simply perform two sets of 10 jumps each twice per day.
  • Utilizing a jump rope is another great way to get your jumping in… and it’s fun!

In addition to exercise, proper nutrition is also an important element needed to achieve and maintain good overall bone health. To learn more about the role nutrition plays in bone health, click here!   

If you have questions about bone health the team at Orthopedic ONE can help! Click here to learn more about our Sports Medicine specialty and for a list of our Sports Medicine physicians. If you want to learn more ways to stay healthy, active and strong, consider connecting with one of our Certified Athletic Trainers through our Sports Medicine Hotline.