2020 has been a unique year in many ways, as we have been forced to find new ways of doing everyday tasks and activities. Endurance athletes or triathletes, are no exception. As a result of COVID-19, the majority of races have been canceled, postponed, or replaced with virtual races, which allow athletes to participate in an endurance event from their home or community while practicing social distancing. 

Triathletes typically participate in three endurance sports, swimming, biking, and running during the course of a triathlon. These athletes are known to be fierce competitors, and many of them have continued training for virtual or future events throughout the pandemic. While most athletes are still able to train for the running and cycling portions without too much difficulty, training for the swimming portion is challenging, as access to pools remains limited. 

Follow along with Orthopedic ONE's Brett Bursley, DPT, SCS and Alex Norris, DPT, as they provide tips to help maintain your swim fitness!  

As mentioned in the video, cross training is another excellent way to improve or maintain your fitness! If you don't have access to gym equipment, you can perform an effective workout with common household items. For more on this topic, click here for another video and blog featuring lower extremity cross training exercises you can do from home!  

If you are experiencing pain or additional physical challenges, the team at Orthopedic ONE can help! Click here to learn more about our Sports Medicine specialty and for a list of our Sports Medicine physicians. If you have questions or want to learn more ways to stay healthy, active and strong, consider connecting with one of our Certified Athletic Trainers through our Sports Medicine Hotline.