Dr. Robert Steensen discusses the benefits of a “kinematically aligned” knee implant in OrthopedicsToday

The field of orthopedics is ever-evolving, and many of our physicians at OrthopedicONE are at the forefront of this innovation and research. Dr. Robert Steensen has penned several articles, including this recent piece in OrthopedicsToday, on the benefits of a kinematically aligned medial pivot knee implant. In the simplest terms, an implant and approach that works to duplicate the patient’s natural anatomy and increase stability. 

In the article, Dr. Steensen presents a “philosophy of restoring the patient’s joint line and stability by implant choice and alignment choice to make the patient’s knee feel more natural.” He states that “the best way to restore function is to restore, as best possible, the patient’s normal anatomy and kinematics.”

What is kinematics? The independent motion of joints or body segments – in this case, the knee joint. 

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