A Letter from Robert A. Durbin, M.D.

It is with mixed emotions that I officially announce my retirement from active patient care as of May 4, 2017. Orthopedic Medicine has been one of my life’s greatest devotions, and my passion for the practice of medicine is unchanged from my very first day as an orthopedic resident. It is simply time for me to focus on other devotions – my wife, children and eight beautiful grandchildren.

After 36 years of serving patients in our central Ohio Community, I am both saddened and excited about my retirement. It has been an honor to have cared for so many wonderful patients throughout the years.

If you are a patient of mine, your medical records will remain at Orthopedic One, 170 Taylor Station Road, Columbus, OH 43213, where you can continue to receive excellent care. If you wish to continue your care with a physician at Orthopedic One, simply contact the office at 614-545-7900 when you need to schedule an appointment. I am certain that my Partners will care for you as I did. If you choose to continue your care with a physician outside of the group, you may download a medical record release form here and return it by mail, fax (614-545-7901), or in person to one of the reception staff. Your records will then be forwarded to you at no charge.

I wish you good health in your future.

Robert A. Durbin, M.D.