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A Patient Story

I suffered from osteoarthritis and knee pain for years. I knew having a knee replacement was inevitable, but needed to buy time to get my kids through high school and be able to participate in their events, graduations, etc. I endured quarterly cortisone injections to stave off the pain as much as possible. I felt having a bilateral total knee replacement was the best option for me, but finding a doctor to do it was a challenge until I was referred to Dr. Sahai. Dr. Sahai believed in me and was even the one to suggest that I was a good candidate for a bilateral total knee replacement.I can’t say enough about Dr. Sahai! He is genuine, nice, and his skills are above all else. He did an amazing job and I truly believe that my success is due to his gifts as a surgeon. I won’t say that this was an easy road, but for me having one surgery and a short hospital stay was superior to the normal route of one knee at a time. I will continue to fight through the rehab phase and physical therapy and thanks to Dr. Sahai, I will be as good as new in no time!

- Upper Arlington Patient