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A Patient Story

I broke my wrist back in August 2023. Just like any injury this was obviously unplanned and never a good time to be out of work. From the moment I called Orthopedic One to schedule my initial follow up appointment after leaving urgent care I have received incredible, unparalleled care and kindness.

To the sweet scheduler who looked for a same day appointment for me because of how uncomfortable I was in my splint and did not want to wait a full 5 days to be seen the next week, thank you. Dr. Strimbu for graciously making room for me in his clinic that same day and really listening to my concerns and not just making me feel as if I was a number, thank you. Each visit with Dr. Strimbu has been so great and has really felt collaborative, that we are a team making decisions that will best help and further my treatment and care. To Cynthia, Dr. Strimbu’s assistant, you are the greatest! Thank you for answering my one million portal messages and helping with my leave and paperwork over and over again.

To the X-ray tech in Dublin, thank you for always making an uncomfortable situation the best it could be. To the MRI techs at Grove City, thank you for your kindness and your patience handling a very nervous patient who was not thrilled about an MRI. I know your day was busy, but you treated me with the respect and kindness I desired. To the young woman who works In Reception for Hand therapy at Taylor Station, I so appreciate seeing you l, your wonderful attitude and your smile when I’m sure not every day is great, we certainly would never know. You are important to the team! To Sheryl, the greatest hand therapist there ever was, thank you for all the conversation, your expertise and your encouragement that made each appointment something to look forward to and made me want to work harder to get better.

To Orthopedic One as an organization, I would like you to know that who you hire matters. And it is evident that you are choosing the best of the best and as a medical professional who is now on the patient side, I could not have asked for a better experience through this entire process. I feel that in the medical field we often only hear when we do things wrong or things are missed, but please know that you have all made a huge impact on my life and thank you will never be enough! It may just be an ordinary day to you, but know that all your sacrifices and hardwork do make a difference!!

In gratitude,
Tiffani Castle

- Tiffani Castle