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A Patient Story

I wanted to write to you all as a thank you. More specifically, I wanted to thank Dr. Mileti.

In 2015, I had an appointment with Dr. Mileti for an ongoing shoulder issue. 15 years prior I had fallen while snowboarding and hurt my shoulder. For years I was advised by many doctors to just complete physical rehabilitation and take NSAIDs. None of this worked and I could not convince any doctor to take images for further assessment. When describing my years of pain and no progress with usage or pain within my shoulder, Dr. Mileti immediately ordered imaging and found a tear in my labrum. Shortly thereafter, he scheduled surgery to repair it. The repair went smoothly and so did my physical therapy.

Since my recovery, I have gained full use of my shoulder and arm. Before my surgery, I was unable to do a push-up or pull-up without my shoulder dislocating or extreme pain. Now I am able to do both. I am also able to enjoy my outdoor activities such as skiing and mountain biking with no fear that a quick movement could hurt my shoulder. I am so pleased that even years later I still have no pain, full usage, and no worries about dislocation. I cannot thank Dr. Mileti and his staff enough for fixing my shoulder. I would not be able to fully participate in all my favorite activities without them.

Thank you for the wonderful job you all did all those years ago. I am truly grateful that you listened to my worries and convinced my insurance company this is what I needed to heal. I am truly healed and can enjoy all aspects of my life, pain-free.

- Stephanie Stevers