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A Patient Story

I was suffering from sudden excruciating pain from a herniated disc in my neck. After trying a few non-surgical treatments and seeing that my neck pain did not respond favorably, Dr. Hannallah said it was time to do surgery to remove the disc.

Through my MRI, he noticed another disc right above the one causing me problems was also bulging. Even though it wasn’t causing problems yet, he wanted to remove both discs, so I wasn’t coming back in a year to do another surgery on the second disc.

On July 22nd, I had my surgery. Dr. Hannallah, who is always kind and thorough, made sure I understood what the surgery and recovery would be like, and he was patient with all of my questions. My recovery has been easier than I anticipated. The herniated disc pain was gone when I woke up from surgery. I have some general soreness at the surgery site, which is to be expected.

I also want to mention that the staff at Orthopedic ONE and the nurses at the surgery center were awesome (thank you, Allison and Shannon)!

- Nicole Holland