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A Patient Story

I was 55 with end stage osteoarthritis and really tried all options before getting a hip replacement. I was very active and loved running. I then developed hip clicking and felt my bone rubbing against my bone. I was using a cane when hiking, long walks or going upstairs and hiding the pain to keep up with the activities I enjoyed. It was getting to the point where the injections, and anti-inflammatory medications were not working anymore. I was left feeling defeated and relied on Dr. Campbell’s advice to get the hip replacement. I did have the hip replacement and was walking within the first week when I got home. The first two days, I thought I made a mistake after surgery but the 3rd day I had no pain whatsoever in my joint. I slept for the first time with no pain in groin. It all disappeared. It was the best thing I ever did to get me back to enjoy the activities in life that was causing so much pain. Dr. Campbell, staff, and receptionist were very thorough and their professionalism was of high regard. I felt safe having the procedure and still very active and have no regrets.

- Lynette Gifford