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A Patient Story

I went to my initial appointment with significant knee, lower leg, and ankle pain, as well as occasional twinges in my hip that were becoming more frequent and intense. My beloved hiking and low-impact aerobics were no longer possible.

Dr. Biyani recommended total hip replacement because the X-ray showed my hip to be in the worst shape of any of these areas, and he believed the referred knee, leg, and ankle pain could be greatly improved or relieved with this procedure. How right he was! This procedure was life-changing. Even though it takes time for the hip to heal, almost immediately following the surgery, the knee, lower leg, and ankle pain were gone.

Following Dr. Biyani’s helpful recovery instructions, as well as those of my excellent therapist, Sara Sizemore, I am walking, driving, and doing most household tasks with minimal or no discomfort 4 weeks after surgery.

I am looking forward to getting back into hiking and low-impact aerobics within reason, following their careful time- table and guidance. I highly recommend this team, not only for their outstanding skill and knowledge but for their compassion and willingness to answer every question. I’m very thankful for the difference they have made in my life.

- Deborah Fuller