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A Patient Story

I had been having pain in my right hip for 2 years and had visited several different doctors with no relief in sight. I contacted Dr. Kenneth Westerheide at Orthopedic ONE, who recommended that I undergo an MRI so he could see my hip and come up with some theories about why I may be experiencing this pain. After seeing the deterioration of my joint, he referred me to one of his partners, Dr. Bryan Chambers. Dr. Chambers first attempted to repair the torn cartilage, but unfortunately that did not fix the problem. He said I had two options; I could do nothing and continue coping with the pain or I could have a total hip replacement. At this point, my hip hurt 24/7 no matter how I positioned myself. I couldn’t sit, stand or lay down without being in pain. I had no choice and opted to go with the total hip replacement. About 9 months into my recovery, I started to experience the same symptoms in my left hip. This time, I knew exactly what had to happen, and Dr. Chambers performed a total replacement of my left hip too. I’m so grateful that I found Dr. Chambers. He knew just which type of hip joint I needed. He also understands how important being active is to me and allowed me to continue training and teaching martial arts as well as pursue the other physical activities that I enjoy so much! Without his help and the benefits of modern technology, I would be in a wheelchair and not living the lifestyle I am today. Thank you!

- Debbie Confer