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A Patient Story

I was experiencing pain in my knee to the point that walking was difficult and needed relief to just continue life. I went into this appointment doubtful I could get that relief and generally unhappy with seeing yet another doctor (as I was just coming out of a 10 weeks bout of chronic migraines). When I entered your office, I started with the most friendly and helpful receptionist. I didn’t mind the 1/2 hour wait as your office was so very comfortable and “homey feeling”. The intake nursing assistant who initially saw me was so through, professional, hopeful and pleasant. I was so dreading the x-rays because of how painful my knee was. To my surprise the x-rays techs were the best I have every experienced. Their compassion and extreme attempts to make me as comfortable as possible was heart warming and made the experience bearable. Then in came Dr. Gaines. I thought, well usually nice staff, the doctor is a dude (we all think there cannot be a doctor office where everyone is great)… Well there is, the doctor was amazing — one of the best personalities and so knowledgable, caring, professional. He did not get annoyed at my many questions– I am a question person at the doctors, which we are there for answers and so many doctors are surprisingly annoyed by this- not Dr. Gaines, what a relief! I received a steroid shot in my knee and the results are dramatic, the pain is just about gone. I actually wanted to walk around the block on break at work today and did! The first time in over a year I could do that! This office truly has restored my faith in the medical field and given me hope! Thank you so much– keep up the amazing work- great team! If I have any other issues, I am definitely coming back to this office!

- Carol Brown