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A Patient Story

For years I was dealing with aching and stiffness in my hips. As time went on it progressively got worse to the point where I couldn’t walk normally. I began to have less flexibility to the point of tying my shoe was a struggle and my hip would give out as I would walk causing me to buckle. When I got out of bed I felt like I was 70 years old, I’m 41 by the way and my situation was making me miserable so I decided to do something about it. I fortunately ended up in Dr. Bryan Chambers office where he diagnosed me with degenerative arthritis in both my hips. To improve my quality of life long term he recommended hip replacement. That was quite a shock to me but between Dr. Chambers and his staff they were very gentle with me and through a good dialogue they were able to set my mind at ease about it because news like that is hard to swallow. I had my left side done first because that was giving me the most grief. I was off work close to 12 weeks healing and doing therapy, I’ve been back to work now for almost a month and I can certainly feel the improvement and with that I’ve continued exercising to regain strength and improve overall. When it comes time to get my right side done I will definitely return to Dr. Chambers and his staff. If u can relate to any of my symptoms I highly recommend talking to Dr. Chambers.

- Anonymous (Westerville Patient)