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A Patient Story

I was admitted to Dublin Methodist after I herniated my L5-S1 disc. I met Dr. Ryu the following day, and my first impression was that he was so friendly. He took the time to show me my MRI and CT and clearly explained to me what happened in my back and how it can be fixed. He took a conservative approach with my treatment and followed up with me more than once a day to see how I was feeling. He is not one of those doctors you see once in the morning and then never again. He worked closely with the other teams in the hospital to make sure I was properly medicated and comfortable as I was treated.
I ended up transferring to another hospital for spine surgery that Dr. Ryu did not perform. He was aware of the decision I was making, and I felt comfortable enough to discuss it directly with him. Some doctors may have made me feel intimidated or nervous about this conversation, but not Dr. Ryu. He told me if I was still at the hospital on Friday, he would pop in and check on me.
The day after my surgery (Friday), he came in around 4 pm. I was STUNNED! He asked about the procedure I had, how it went, and how I was feeling. He genuinely cares about my well being. He told me exactly what the procedure I had entailed and how it would end up helping me. He had just finished a long day of surgery and still took the time to look me up and come to my room to see me before leaving. This still blows my mind!
It goes to show Dr. Ryu can talk to you like you’re a person, not a patient. Dr. Ryu doesn’t talk above you (like over your head) like some doctors or surgeons can do. He doesn’t speak too fast. He is patient, takes his time, uses words and terms you will understand and will do what he says he’s going to do. Even though he didn’t do my surgery, he still came to see me, and that in itself speaks to his character as a person.

- Anonymous