Did you know that 3 million people are treated in the emergency room for a fall each year? According to the Centers for Disease Control, an older adult falls every 20 minutes. One out of every five falls results in a serious incident, such as a fracture or head injury. Despite these startling statistics, falls are NOT a normal part of aging and are preventable.

At Orthopedic ONE, we place a strong emphasis on injury prevention and are excited to provide the following tools to help minimize your risk of a fall. Click on the images and videos below to learn more about the following fall prevention topics!

Home Safety Checklist

Click below to see how you can make each room in your home safer and minimize your risk of a fall.

Guidelines for Preventing Falls

Click below to see how factors like your home, your pets, your habits, your overall health and seasonal changes can impact your likelihood to experience a fall, and how to minimize your fall risk.

Getting Down to and Up from the Floor

Getting down to and up from the floor can be tricky if you are experiencing balance issues. The accompanying instructional video and handout show how to accomplish these everyday activities in a safe manner. Follow along as Orthopedic ONE's Diane Fleming DPT, GCS, demonstrates how to get down to and up from the floor safely!

All About Balance

Follow along to learn where balance comes from and participate in a series of exercises to challenge and improve your balance.

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention

Follow along as Orthopedic ONE’s Sharon Millhon OT, CHT, guides you through a comprehensive Tai Chi Warm-Up and Forms 1-12.

Exercises to Improve Balance

Helpful Links

Ohio Department of Aging: 10 Big Steps to Prevent Falls