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Dan | Repair of Quadriceps Tendon

Tammy | Total Knee Replacement

Anonymous | Neck & Spine Surgery

Dr. Ryu performed lumbosacral fusion therapy and fusion of the sacral joints on my sister at Riverside Methodist Hospital. His surgical skills were excellent. He was professional, friendly, and explained everything to my sister and to me in a way that was easy to understand. He is a remarkable surgeon. I am from Boston, and a health care attorney, and have a great deal of experience around surgeons and physicians. He is one of the best! Thank you! ... Read More


I am a 70-year-old woman who fell down the basement steps and landed on my shoulder. My humerus bone was knocked into my armpit area, and was cracked around the ball and cracked lengthwise.

Due to the nature of the injury, Dr. Fowler said we would need to wait to see if the bone went back into the proper position on its own. When that hadn't happened after three months, we decided to move forward with surgery.  I was excited to schedule the surgery so I could move forward. Try going three months with a dislocated shoulder. Not fun! 

I had no problems during or after surgery, and my post-surgical results have been great! I was even able to move my shoulder sooner than expected. Dr. Fowler is my hero! 

Linda | Neck & Spine Surgery | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

For two and a half months I had excruciating pain in my neck that radiated down my forearm. I couldn’t do anything, especially sleep at night. I was referred to Dr. David Hannallah by Dr. Neely Thakkar at the Westerville office. 

I had ACDF surgery on the 24th of September and from the moment I woke up, all the pain in my neck and arm was gone. I recommend anyone in need of orthopedic care to reach out to Orthopedic One. EVERYONE that works there is simply amazing. I feel so blessed to have been referred to Orthopedic ONE and for Dr. Thakkar and Dr. Hannallah. I feel I have my life back and that life is pain free. Thank you so very, very much! 

Leonard | Knee

Dr. Martin has been helping me with my knee for a long time now. Earlier this week, he gave me a shot of cortisone. I have been pain free for two days so far, including on a one mile walk!  

Dr. Martin is a great doctor and I want to thank him for keeping me going all these years! 

Celeste | Sports Medicine

In June of 2020, while gardening, I tripped over a dolly. The lip of the metal dolly happened to catch my lower shin and broke through the skin and hit the bone. When I got up, all I could see was the bone was exposed. My husband took me to the ER where they cleaned my wound, and I received stitches. The area ended up getting infected, and I was back in the hospital three days later and had to stay for six days. 

Dr. Westerheide and his team took such good care of me. Dr. Westerheide is knowledgeable and at the top of his field. I did not have to worry about my treatment plan because he considered everything. I am grateful for the kindness and respect I received throughout the process. 

Dr. Westerheide and his team do not just take care of the injury.  They take care of the whole person and care about their patients. I highly recommend Orthopedic ONE to any and everyone who would need this type of service.

Thank you!!

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