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Diana | Labrum and Labral Tear Surgery

Sterling | Tibial Plateau Fracture


I recently had an appointment with Dr. Fowler, and both my wife and I were impressed with his focus and attention to the details of my movements. 

He was very interested in listening to both of our accounts of the lower extremity pain I have been experiencing. 

We are confident in his approach to clearly identify the problem and provide the appropriate treatment. 

Thanks to the entire staff!

Ashley | Hand & Wrist

My 9-year-old daughter broke her wrist while playing soccer in late April. Our pediatrician advised us to follow up with a specialist ASAP. Dr. Marlo Van Steyn squeezed us in and our care has been outstanding from her and her entire team. The whole office has been flexible with scheduling, willing to work with us to find the most cost effective way to treat our daughter, friendly and willing to make numerous calls to try to figure out what our insurance would cover. The support staff (Andrea, Steve and Jack) really went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and welcome. We are so grateful for their excellent care!!

Diana | Shoulder

Diana Brown is a Volleyball prodigy from Westerville, Ohio.  Diana attends and plays volleyball for St. Francis DeSales High School, as well as competitive club volleyball at Mintonette Sports. After undergoing shoulder surgery at Orthopedic ONE for a torn labrum, Diana had ONE Goal, to get better and back to playing at the level she was pre-injury. Diana is stronger than ever and excited to play at the University of Illinois now that she is “full go”. 


Orthopedic ONE patient Abby Steiner tells her story to FOX 28's Good Day Marketplace. The fastest girl in Ohio and 3rd fastest in the country. Did we mention she is faster AFTER ACL reconstruction surgery?

Click here to watch Abby's story.


I remember the pain so well...and my frustration after two visits to the emergency room and still no clear diagnosis. The pain that hit my arms suddenly and with such force that I ended up losing some control in my right arm, which was terrifying. When I was released from the hospital the second time, I was told to take it easy and follow up with my primary care physician if I didn't fell better. Approximately a week went by, and at this point I knew I needed to see an orthopedic specialist. I asked for a referral to see Dr. James Latshaw at Orthopedic ONE, since a few of my co-workers had been treated by him and shared positive feedback. That appointment changed everything for me... After being taken back to the exam room, Matt, Dr. Latshaw's Nurse Practitioner, listened to my concerns and asked questions about the events that led up to my sudden onset pain. After talking to Matt and Dr Latshaw, I was diagnosed with Parsonage Turner Syndrome. This was a turning point for me. I now had a name for the pain and an explanation! Dr. Latshaw wanted to see how my healing would progress, then a few weeks later, decided that physical therapy could be of help. Physical therapy ended up being another turning point in my healing! Parsonage Turner Syndrome caused me to lose a lot of everyday functions in my left arm. I could not lift a gallon of milk. I could not lift an imaging plate to take x-rays. I could not pour laundry detergent. When I met with my physical therapist, Chris, I told him my goals and we set out to accomplish them. While challenging, Chris made therapy an overall good experience for me. I did my exercises at home and worked with Chris in the clinic once a week to start, then every other week as I began improving. I completed physical therapy in 4 months and I am pleased to report that I met my goals! I am where I need to be and the function in my arms is at about 90% percent of where they were before I begin experiencing Parsonage Turner Syndrome symptoms. Due to the nature of Parsonage Turner Syndrome, I still have bad days, but they are fewer. It may take a year to completely heal, or I may never fully recover, but I would not be where I am today if it was not for the team at Orthopedic ONE. I can not express enough appreciation to them for getting me on the road to recovery! Thank you Dr Latshaw, Matt and Chris! ... Read More

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