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Dan | Repair of Quadriceps Tendon

Tammy | Total Knee Replacement

Daniel | Neck & Spine Surgery

I have lived with deteriorating lumbar disc issues for about 20 years. The pain and limitations to my life finally reached a point that surgery was the only option for relief. Dr. Milan Herceg was the knowledgeable skilled professional I hoped for. Dr. Herceg explained my case and the procedures required to heal me in detail. His personal and straightforward consulting reassured me. His staff followed up with even more detailed information on what I should expect and my responsibilities for a successful outcome. Thanks, CeCe! Two and a half weeks after surgery I am pain-free and grateful to be able to do the activities I enjoy. ... Read More

Anonymous | Knee

Dr. Politi, 

Five years ago today you performed a total knee replacement on my left knee. You and your team helped me through the whole healing process. It has been my "good knee" for years now, and I have been able to keep active with working, walking, riding and traveling. Thank you!! 

The other one will need it one of these days; now I know now I can get through it. I appreciate your skill, kindness and informative approach very much. 

Stay safe and have a great summer!


Anonymous | Hip

I spent over two years getting regular epidural injections for my back pain, which provided anywhere from 2-3 months of relief. 

After having a few physical therapy visits, I started to ask about a pulled muscle. 

I ended up having  X-rays, which revealed that I was a strong candidate for hip surgery. My initial surgery date was postponed due to COVID-19, but I kept doing my pre-surgery exercises. Once surgeries were able to resume, Dr. Fowler performed a miracle for me. 

I am currently three weeks past surgery. My back pain is gone, and I am walking and moving with just stiffness. Thank you to Dr. Fowler,  his staff, and the outstanding support from Mount Carmel Grove City. I never felt as if I was alone throughout the entire day from registration until I was released to go home.

Anonymous | Neck & Spine Surgery

I was referred to Dr. Ferrel after being admitted to Mount Carmel East following an ER visit.

After Dr. Ferrel viewed my MRI, he said we should try an epidural steroid injection to see if that would give me any relief. Unfortunately, the steroid injection did not relieve the pain, so Dr. Ferrel came in on Christmas Eve to perform an emergency double fusion with a revision of a previous fusion.
Before the procedure, he described exactly what the problem was, how he proposed to treat it, and what to expect afterward.
After my surgery, his follow-up was even more thorough and compassionate. I had a bout of severe clinical depression after the surgery, and Dr. Ferrel immediately contacted my Internist to discuss the problem so I could receive the treatment I needed. 
 I feel as though I put my life in his hands, and he did not disappoint in any manner whatsoever. I have had spine surgeries in the Middle East, Texas, Virginia, and here in Columbus, and I would highly recommend Dr. Jason Ferrel to anyone suffering from back or neck pain.

Pam | Neck & Spine Surgery

I was experiencing back pain and turned to the team at Orthopedic ONE for help. First, we tried steroids, which relieved the pain for a while. But by September, my condition worsened. My leg strength began to deteriorate and I needed crutches to walk. 

 Dr. Hanallah and Katherine Rapp did an outstanding job getting my MRI, X-rays, and appointments set up. I ended up having surgery to fuse my  L3-L5 in November. They spent as much time as needed in surgery to fix this issue and also to reinforce another lumbar fusion I had before this. Now at six months post-op, I feel better than I have in 5 years! 

Adam Snyder, my physical therapist did a great job helping me recover and ensuring that I took care of my back correctly. Dottie and Charlie were great to work with during my physician visits. 

This team works very well together and took good care of me throughout the process. I can’t thank them enough!

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