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Mike | Shoulder Arthroscopy

Diana | Labrum and Labral Tear Surgery

Jane | Hip | Knee

Without Dr. Politi, I wouldn't have been able to keep walking or finish my teaching career. Now I am enjoying a successful retirement, and am still able to get around fairly well and have very little pain. I'm living a good life thanks to you! 

Thank you so much!

Jack | Neck & Spine Surgery

When I began seeing Dr. David Hannallah to address my back pain, he first recommended continuing with Ibuprofen, physical therapy and steroid shots, and then as a last choice, discussing surgery, which was expected to provide a 40-60% chance of improvement. 

We tried the conservative approach and I still had not gotten the relief I needed. So one year later, on 7/3/18, Dr. Hannallah performed a lumbar laminectomy. Today, almost a month later, I feel and perform better than one year ago when I first met him.

I have had some kind of back issue most of my life, but I never considered surgery until this year. I'm so grateful for the quick recovery and the continuing improvement in my life and in my flexibility. I also appreciate his conservative and thorough instructions that I try non-surgical options first. He is the best! I can see why he has been named one of the best surgeons for back issues in central Ohio per Columbus Monthly. 

Thank You, Dr. Hannallah for giving me a new life!


I was having a lot of knee and back pain that was keeping me from my normal activities. I was due to go to to Sleeping Bear Dunes in Northern Michigan, and I was determined to complete the dune clime. 

I met with Courtney, a physical therapist at Orthopedic ONE's Gahanna/Reynoldsburg location, who quickly narrowed down and targeted the root cause. She taught me exercises and worked with me 4-5 times. Just one week later, I was able to climb the dunes, which my Fitbit reported was just under five miles and equivalent of 38 flights of stairs! 

Thanks Courtney! 

Preston | Shoulder

I had been suffering from an increasingly painful left shoulder for years, beginning with a tackling injury I sustained playing college football in 1974. 

Years later, in May 2014, my shoulder just kind of popped while I was doing some work. My wife strongly recommended Dr. Mileti because he had repaired one of her co-worker's shoulders with good results. 

 Dr. Mileti was very cordial and it was easy to discuss my situation with him and make a plan for my recovery. 

The surgery went well, as he predicted. I followed his instructions and his schedule for recovery very accurately. After one year, the repaired shoulder was perfect with no pain or popping. I am 62 years old and still pain free without any restriction of movement or weakness.

Thank you to Dr. Mileti and his team! 

Tammy | Neck & Spine Surgery | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation | Foot & Ankle | Shoulder

I have been a patient at Orthopedic One for more than 10 years. I have received, what I believe to be the best Orthopedic care that is available in the entire state. I have had the privilege of having Dr. Hannallah perform surgery on my neck; Dr. Feibel perform surgery on my right foot, twice; for different problems; Dr. Williard perform surgery on my right shoulder; Dr. Thompson has done injections in my back, and Dr. Martin has taken care of stress fracture of my right ankle. I am currently under the care of Dr. Hannallah, and Dr. Thompson. I wouldn’t consider going to any other Orthopedic practice since all of my previous encounters were extremely successful, and I am beyond satisfied with each one of the doctors whose care I was under. I have recommended these doctors, and Orthopedic One to my family members, and friends; and to their healthful benefit, everyone of them are now also very grateful, satisfied patients. 

Thank You to all of my Amazing doctors at Orthopedic One. 

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