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Dan | Repair of Quadriceps Tendon

Tammy | Total Knee Replacement

Karen | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Due to excruciating pain in my right hip, I consulted Dr. Fitz at Orthopedic ONE. After X-rays and an MRI, it was determined that my hip pain was caused by thinning discs in my lumbar and I was a candidate for the platelet shot procedure.   

The entire procedure was explained thoroughly.  When I arrived, two large vials of blood were taken from my arm.  I waited approximately a half-hour while the blood was spun out separating the platelets.  I proceeded to the surgery room and greeted by Dr. Fitz and the nurses.  I laid on my stomach and Dr. Fitz injected approximately fifteen needle sticks with numbing medicine and fifteen needle sticks of the platelets.  The entire procedure took approximately 20 minutes.  It was a bit uncomfortable, but it was nothing compared to the pain I had been experiencing.  

Since the procedure, I feel that my lumbar has become stronger each day.  I am careful in everything I do throughout the day.  I do not lift anything heavy or run the sweeper.  I sleep with a large pillow between my knees.  I can grocery shop and lunch and shop with my friends for several hours.  I climb stairs in my condo and do all of my housework. I highly recommend the platelet shot procedure and, yes, I will do it again if I ever need it! 

Anonymous | Neck & Spine Surgery

Dr. Ferrel is very friendly and his office staff is amazing! He explained everything about the procedure, including the risks, and was encouraging throughout the recovery process.   

Dr. Ferrel is a wonderful doctor and surgeon. My thanks to everyone at Orthopedic ONE and St. Ann's Hospital who have been a part of my treatment and recovery! 

Sherry | Trauma

I was hit by a pick-up truck coming home from work. I was rushed to Mt. Carmel East where it was discovered that I had 13 breaks in my lower right leg and one break in my upper leg. During a four-hour surgery, Dr. Fowler put rods, pins, screws, and plates in my leg.  

I can walk now, although my lower leg is missing an inch of bone. I have two more surgeries scheduled, and I am confident that Dr. Fowler will get me back on my feet.  

Dr. Fowler has been patient with all my questions, doubts, and fears. 
Everyone at his office has been great and treated me and my husband like family. Heather has been especially helpful throughout this process. 

Thank you Dr. Fowler and Heather for your constant support! 

Vicky | Hip | Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

My first visit with Dr. Fitz and his team was fantastic! They were helpful, professional, and kind. 

Next, I met with Dr. Biyani and his team for a total hip replacement. Again everyone was helpful, professional, and kind! The surgery and recovery went just as well! 

From start to finish, I could not be more pleased with the care and treatment I received. I would highly recommend Orthopedic ONE to anyone!

Roberta | Knee

I would like to begin by expressing my gratitude to the staff at Orthopedic ONE in Grove City. Especially Dr. Backes and Lucas! 

I was having unbearable pain in my knee. It was swelling up and hard to bend. It made it hard for me to walk, exercise, or go up and down steps. This resulted in a need to have my knee drained and receive a steroid shot.

Everyone at Orthopedic ONE was friendly, caring, and smiling. It is nice to be treated well when you are a patient in need of help. Also, laughing is a good atmosphere for patients! I realize doctors are busy, but Dr. Backes still took the time to make me feel like I was the first patient of the day. 

I could tell that the staff worked very well as a team. They ensured that I received high-quality care. The doctors, nurses, and staff are professional and very thorough. If I need their service again, I know I will be welcomed. Thank you for being so compassionate!

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