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Mike | Shoulder Arthroscopy

Tammy | Total Knee Replacement

Gary | Foot & Ankle

I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Tscholl. He's a great doctor and has a fantastic attitude. I highly recommend him! 


I am documenting a review of my experience with Orthopedic ONE.  I am hoping to help seniors like myself that otherwise may have to resort to opioids or possibly using a cane or wheelchair due to debilitating pain. I am sure that with less than the best care from Orthopedic ONE, I would not be able to work a full time job and live the life I want to enjoy! 

I was first seen by Orthopedic ONE in the fall of 2010, after being hit by a wave in the ocean while on vacation. I had injuries to my back and hip, and it was recommended that I address the hip issue first. My daughter had her hip replaced by Dr. Joel Politi the year before and had a good result, so I made an appointment with him. He suggested that I try a few rounds of injections in my back and hip first to see if that may alleviate the pain non-surgically. Finally in January 2011, I had my right hip replaced by Dr. Politi.  

The following year, I went back to Dr. Politi for a left knee replacement, which was followed by a left hip replacement two years later. Each operation and outcome was outstanding! Dr. Joel Politi is a personable caring and excellent surgeon.

A few years later, my wife had a left knee replacement performed by Dr. Rahul Biyani at the Upper Arlington location and also had an outstanding outcome! During one of her appointments with Dr. Biyani, I asked who he would recommend for the back issues I was still experiencing.  He said I should see Dr. William Fitz, and I'm glad I did!  Over the last two years, Dr. Fitz has helped me with a pinched nerve which he could ablate of my left side. Tracing my pain issues, Dr.  Fitz discovered through an ultrasound by Dr. Kelley Clem, that I also had a torn hamstring on the right side. Dr. Fitz did a PRP injection to speed healing of the hamstring and pinched nerve. During this time, I was also in physical therapy with the crew at Orthopedic ONE. Kelly and Kirsten were instrumental in the rehabilitation of my hamstring and reliving my pinched nerve.  

The summer of 2018 was the first time since 2015 that I could walk in a store without using a wheel chair or having to sit down and take a break from the pain. By November 2018, I was totally pain free for the first time since 2010!

Then on January 25, 2019 I slipped on ice getting out of my vehicle in a public parking lot. After an ER trip and a hospital stay, I was released with the assurance that there was no damage to my implants or bones, however the fall caused a left hamstring tear. I was referred to Dr. Mark Triffon, who prescribed physical therapy and I once again enlisted help from the therapy team at Orthopedic ONE. Kirsten, Scott and Jenna have been instrumental in the rehabilitation of my hamstring.  In early March, Kirsten recommended to Dr. Triffon that I would benefit from massage therapy. I've been seeing Alexandra for my massage therapy and I've continued with PT.  I'm getting better each week! I have the hope of once again being pain free as my hamstring continues to heal.

Each of the above mentioned doctors, staff, and therapist have been instrumental in helping me to achieve the hope of having a life without pain. 

Thank you for your excellence and willingness to go the extra mile for a 72 year old man who wishes to stay active! 

Anonymous | Knee

I had been suffering with pain in my right knee for about eight months and was being treated by Dr. Kennedy and Nicole at the Westerville office. When Dr. Kennedy advised that he would be retiring at the end of 2018, he recommended that I continue my care with one of his partners, Dr. Bryan Chambers. 

As soon as I met Dr. Chambers, I felt very comfortable and confident that he would be able to help me. He explained that my knee was not going to get any better without surgery, as I had not responded favorably to previous treatment methods. Dr. Chambers explained the procedure he would like to do, and I made the decision to schedule the surgery for February 4, 2019.

At this point, I hadn’t been walking well for almost a year. When I did attempt to walk, I was having so much pain that I was overcompensating in other areas and beginning to feel pain there as well. 

Dr. Chambers had a fresh approach, a great bedside manner and always had a smile to share. After my surgery, I had a complication that was addressed and I now am able to walk normally without pain!

Tracy | Shoulder

My shoulder was injured at work due to constantly performing repetitive movements. Dr. Backes was great. He explained the treatment options throughout the process. The injury ended up requiring surgery, after initial treatments did not improve my pain levels. Dr. Backes never wavered in his determination to make sure my shoulder was pain free. The surgery was successfully completed, with minimal surgical pain. 

After a great physical therapy program, through Orthopedic ONE in Hilliard, I have a fully functioning shoulder again. It turns out that my fears of never playing catch with my kids, was just a bad dream!

Alan | Neck & Spine Surgery

I started experiencing pain back in October 2018. After numerous visits to the emergency room, my physician finally referred me to Dr. Jason Ferrel. I had an MRI in late January, which confirmed that my sciatic nerve was pinched at the L3-L4 section of my spine. It caused so much awful pain I could hardly walk. 

I had a procedure called microdiscectomy in mid-March. After the surgery, Dr. Ferrel ordered a prescription for pain medication, but I only used 2 tablets, finding that Advil effectively managed my pain. 

I now am walking normally and am pretty much pain free. During my next visit, I hope to get the OK to start stretching and increase my walking distances. 

Thanks to Dr. Jason Ferrel and his wonderful, helpful staff! 

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