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Orthopedic ONE Hand patient, Karen Collins, shares her story on Good Day Marketplace with Cameron Fontana. Standing alongside her Hand Therapist, Heather Mitchell, you can see the bond that the two of them have formed throughout Karen's rehabilitation. Karen's story, like so many of our patients, includes pain and perseverance. Perseverance to not "live" with and accept the pain, perseverance to seek treatment, and perseverance to give rehab her all. Now she is back to living a full life - with no limitations. Our best to Karen, her supportive husband, and a Grandson that keeps her on her toes and full of life!  Check out Karen's story in the interview here.

Anonymous | Knee

After experiencing a bad fall at work, it was determined that I was a good candidate for a total knee replacement. I met with a few surgeons, but was not impressed with their bedside manner. 

Finally, my primary care physician sent me to a consultation with a surgeon named Dr. Vivek Sahai. His mannerisms were kind and gentle. He explained all the details of the procedure as well as what to expect during my recovery. I was so impressed with everyone I met at Orthopedic ONE, especially with their attention to detail and how they always treat me like a person, not just a case number.

 My surgery was in July and my knee is coming along very well. I would highly recommend Orthopedic ONE as a practice, as well as Dr Sahai and the Therapy Services team at the Westerville location. 

Thank you for your exceptional care!

Suzanne | Hand & Wrist

After suffering for three years, I went to see Dr. Brent Bickel to address the chronic pain in my left hand due to arthritis in my trapezium bone and carpal tunnel syndrome. Initially, he treated me with a cortisone injection which offered little relief. I returned to the office to meet with him and scheduled surgery to rectify the problem. His initial diagnosis was to remove the trapezium bone and reconstruct the basal joint. I arrived for surgery on October 12, 2017. Dr. Bickel was there 45 minutes early and as usual was thorough, professional and friendly. His staff and the hospital staff were very supportive as well. I am three weeks out from my surgery date and the physical therapist said I have unbelievable mobility and I am ahead of schedule with my healing. Every aspect of my care went remarkably well. I give Dr. Bickel and his staff five stars, he is a wonderful surgeon! I am so grateful to God for this positive outcome and for the caring people at Orthopedic ONE!... Read More

Anonymous | Neck & Spine Surgery

When I first saw Dr. Jason Ferrel, I was experiencing a lot of pain in my back, right hip, leg, ankle and on the top of my foot. He recommended that I get an MRI and come back so he could explain exactly what was going on with my back. After reviewing my films and completing a detailed exam, he immediately knew what my problem was. He took the time to explain my condition in words my husband and I could understand. He is the most thoughtful and thorough physician I have ever met. When it came to my treatment plan, Dr. Ferrel gave us a choice of surgery or injections. He felt that in my case, surgery should be a last resort and I agreed. He asked his secretary to contact the office of one of his partners at Orthopedic ONE, Dr. David Witter, to arrange the injections. I received two injections and at the present time I'm happy to say that I feel pretty good! I am so grateful to Dr. Ferrel for taking the time to assess my condition. He is a wonderful physician and I would recommend him to anyone I know! ... Read More

Kathryn | Shoulder

After many years of chronic shoulder pain, I began having difficultly writing and doing  other tasks I once found simple. I knew that this was no way to live and contacted Orthopedic ONE to book an appointment with a shoulder specialist. 

On April 19, 2017, Dr Jeffrey Backes performed a reverse total shoulder replacement on my right shoulder. Dr. Backes and the staff at Orthopedic ONE calmed all my pre surgery fears by thoroughly answering all my questions. Recovery was painless and today I am living with no limitations.

Thank you Dr. Backes, you gave me my life back!!!

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