The Sports Void is Real

As Sports Medicine providers, our physicians spend a great deal of time taking care of high school athletes, weekend warriors, and professional athletes. With the current state of sports, our physicians are feeling an emptiness that many of our athletes and sports enthusiasts are feeling as well.

Dr. Randy Wroble sums it up best in an article for the Columbus Dispatch. “I do miss sports and the people who are part of them and my friends and family who enjoy them with me,” said Wroble, who if not for the virus would be providing medical care for football players and wrestlers and helping coach youth basketball or getting a group together to watch Blue Jackets games.

“Looking at a wall with 30 years of memorabilia or getting in a home workout doesn’t do it,” he said. “The void is real.”

Our physicians miss watching and playing sports as much as our patients, but more importantly, miss caring for our athletes who are unable to play the sports they love.