Beware of the Bite!

While summer brings warm weather and the opportunity to participate in lots of fun outdoor activities, not coincidentally, it is also the time of year when bug bites and bee stings increase.


Avoid the Burn!

While summer presents us with an array of opportunities to participate in outdoor activities, it is also a time when burn incidences are on the rise. From a classic summer sunburn to a burn that is the result of trying to cook a burger to perfection over the grill. Or a burn from roasting marshmallows over the campfire to an accident involving sparklers at a cookout or on a camping trip.     


Firework Safety Tips

The Fourth of July is a time for food, friends and family, and of course fireworks! Planning on setting off your own sparklers this year? Check out the following tips to ensure that you do so safely! 


Best Foot Forward

Our feet are more than just those weird looking and sometimes stinky parts of the body that we use to walk, run and jump. In fact, our feet provide balance, stability, and give our bodies the ability to absorb force from the ground with each step. This spans all the way from simply going up a flight of stairs, to the effort needed to kick a soccer ball. Studies show the average person walks 100,000 miles in their lifetime and athletes often double this amount. No wonder our backs and hips hurt after long periods of walking or running!  


Dr. John McGrail Announces Retirement

A Letter from John McGrail, M.D.

It is with mixed emotions that I officially announce my retirement from active patient care as of June 14, 2019. Orthopedic Medicine has been one of my life’s greatest devotions, and my passion for the practice of medicine is unchanged from my very first day as an orthopedic resident. It is simply time for me to shift my passion for medicine in the direction of academia.


Setting SMART Goals

When it comes to making healthy lifestyle changes and goal setting, many people know what they could be doing better, but they aren’t sure how to get started to achieve their goals. Oftentimes people will try to make too many changes at once or do too much, too soon, which can cause burnout and frequent setbacks. Whether it’s recovering from an injury or changing part of your lifestyle, utilizing a SMART short and long-term goal setting process can be effective in keeping your goals manageable and achievable.


Dynamic Rehab of the Shoulder Stabilizers

The musculature of the shoulder is the primary source of stability in and around the shoulder, and is key in keeping the humeral head in the socket. The four muscles that are most active as stabilizers of the shoulder joint are commonly grouped together and collectively known as the rotator cuff.  These muscles are as follows:

  • Supraspinatus
  • Infraspinatus
  • Teres Minor
  • Subscaularis

Overhead activities, as well as those that require repetitive shoulder movements may cause ailments associated with weak or injured rotator cuff muscles. Rehabilitation of these muscles, along with stretching, are key to resolving many of the aches and pains that are often experienced by those who enjoy activities such as tennis, badminton, squash weight lifting, baseball or softball, to name a few.

 Should a rotor cuff injury occur, there are several dynamic exercises that can be performed during the return to activity portion of rehabilitation. These exercises can also be used to strengthen the shoulder stabilizers in an effort to prevent injury.  


Pre-Golf Warm-Up Tips

With some of the world’s top golfers headed to central Ohio for the Memorial Tournament this weekend and with the longer days and warmer weather drawing golfers of all abilities to the links, it’s important to stress that performing a proper warm-up before arriving at the course is important to ensure that you are able to play at your peak performance level and prevent injury, no matter the course or your skill level! 


Governor appoints Jonathan Feibel, MD, to State Medical Board of Ohio

Orthopedic ONE surgeon and partner, Dr. Jonathan B. Feibel, was recently appointed by Governor Mike DeWine to serve a 5-year term on the State Medical Board of Ohio. The board is comprised of twelve members who serve to protect and enhance the health and safety of the public through effective medical regulation.


The Female Athlete Triad

Like so many other things in life, one aspect of our health can oftentimes influence another. The Female Athlete Triad refers to three health problems that are linked to one another: energy deficiency, menstrual disturbances and bone loss or osteoporosis. If an athlete’s body is lacking in one aspect of the Triad, then she is at a much higher risk of experiencing conditions related to the other two. Oftentimes, female athletes are already experiencing these deficiencies without even knowing it.

While athletes who participate in sports that place an emphasis on leanness or low body weight are particularly at risk for developing the Triad, any athlete can be affected. If gone diagnosed and untreated, the conditions that compose the Female Athlete Triad can cause serious and sometimes lifelong or life-threatening health consequences.