Dr. Raymond Wurapa featured in CityScene Magazine

Orthopedic ONE’s Dr. Raymond Wurapa, and his inclusive bandage company Tru-Colour, were a feature in the January/February 2022 issue of CityScene Magazine.

Much of the article addressed the origins of the Tru-Colour brand and its vision for a more ‘useful and inclusive’ bandage, Dr. Wurapa also shared some important hand health tips, including avoiding overuse injuries, addressing cuts early, and following up with a specialist when necessary.

Read the whole story here.

“The overall mission drives me, and drives us, as the principals, to keep pushing along because it’s a simple concept. It’s a concept that all of humanity can identify with and, because we’re not exclusive to one group or the other, we’re basically saying, ‘Let’s celebrate everybody where they are, and we should all be better off for that.’”

Dr. Raymond Wurapa