5 Pumpkin Carving Safety Tips

Halloween is one of the top three holidays that produce the most emergency room visits each year. Finger and hand injuries account for the greatest proportion of injuries on Halloween. Pumpkin carving can be a dangerous activity, so stay safe this Halloween with these tips:

  1. Be sure your carving space is clean, dry and well-lit. Your hands should be dry, as should all of your tools.
  2. Adults should always do the actual carving. Let the children draw an outline on the pumpkin and clean out the pulp.
  3. Don’t use kitchen knives. Super sharp knives can get stuck in the pumpkin and be difficult to pull out. Instead, use a serrated pumpkin saw from a carving kit.
  4. Always carve away from the body, not toward the body, in case of a slip. Carve slowly and steadily.
  5. Explore alternatives! Pumpkin decorating kits are safe and equally fun.

Learn more about pumpkin carving safety at www.HandCare.org.

SOURCE: handcare.org/