As the weather warms up here in Central Ohio, so should runners. It’s #NationalRunningDay and we want you to stay healthy and injury free. Read more about common injuries runners experience, and how they can be prevented and treated.

  1. Achilles Tendonitis is an acute, overuse injury causing pain and inflammation of the Achilles tendon at the back of the ankle.

  How to treat it:

  • Move to softer surfaces, such as grass
  • Decrease Inflammation by icing the area or using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Stretch the muscles on the back of the leg (calf, hamstring)

2. Greater Trochanter Bursitis of the hip is an inflammation of the bursa located where your leg attaches to your hip

How to treat it:

  • Rest
  • Maintain range of motion in the hip joint
  • Strengthen the muscles in the hip
  • Correct incorrect posture

3. Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome is a muscle and nerve condition that causes pain, swelling, aching, burning, numbness, and tingling in the affected limb.

How to treat it:

  • Rest
  • Strengthening the muscle gradually over time
  • Severe cases may require surgery  

4. Iliotibial band syndrome is an overuse injury in which the band of tissue extending from the hip to the knee on the lateral side of the thigh is tight or inflamed

How to treat it:

  • Rest. Stop activity completely or modify exercise
  • Side-hip and glute stretches with a foam roller
  • Gradual increase in activity

5. Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is an overuse injury in which there is diffuse pain along the middle distal-tibia with exertion

How to treat it:

  • Decrease inflammation with ice
  • Avoid hard or uneven surfaces when exercising
  • Wear supportive shoes

6. Runner’s Knee is an overuse injury where the athlete will feel pain in the front of the knee and behind the knee cap, as well as tenderness around the knee.

How to treat:

  • Rest
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Orthotics
  • Strengthening of the hip and thigh muscles

7. Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation of the plantar fascia. Pain from this condition usually worsens during the first few steps in the morning and after sitting for extended periods of time.

How to treat it:

  • Decrease activity
  • Use a night splint
  • Use proper shoes

8. A sprained ankle is an injury that occurs when rolling, twisting, or turning the ankle and stretching the ligaments that stabilize the ankle

How to treat it:

  • R.I.C.E ( Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate)
  • Restore range of motion 
  • Wear an ankle brace

9. Stress response and fractures occur as an overuse or repeated stress response on certain bones of the body.

How to treat it:

  • Rest
  • Decrease Inflammation
  •  Cross training (Swimming) 

Patellar Tendonitis is an overuse injury of the tendon that attached the patella with the shin bone (Tibia)

How to treat it:

  • Stretch muscles of the thigh as well as calf muscle
  • Use proper running shoes
  •  Rest from painful activity

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