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Community Involvement

As Ohio's largest, physician-owned orthopedic practice we understand the importance healthcare organizations play in supporting local community. We know we have ONE important goal in common, and that is YOU.

Supporting the organizations and communities serving our patients.

There are many factors that play into our patient's health & wellness. At Orthopedic ONE, we know that the health of our patients represents the health of our community. We believe in the benefits of supporting like organizations that are here to help our patients reach those goals of a happy, healthy lifestyle.

  • Arthritis Foundation
  • COPC Foundation
  • Mount Carmel Foundation
  • Lower Lights Christian Health Center
  • Grace Clinic
  • Orthopedic ONE Spirit Sprint
  • Numerous local programs benefiting the communities served by Orthopedic ONE
  • Community Education classes focusing on current health and prevention topics

Serving the needs of our medical community.

Orthopedic ONE is made up of nearly 60 of the top orthopedic physician specialists in central Ohio. All of which share a longstanding commitment to the betterment of the medical community and the orthopedic specialty at-large. Orthopedic ONE physicians collaborate with local organizations to provide public service programs, are heavily involved in the education and training of future medical professionals, and lead research initiatives that generate new techniques, technology and care paths to improve the lives of people in our community.

  • Columbus Medical Association's Physicians' Free Clinic
  • Voluntary Care Network
  • Operation Walk USA
  • COSI's Surgical Suite: Total Knee Replacement program
  • Riverside Methodist Hospital Indigent Clinic
  • Mount Carmel West Residency Indigent Clinic
  • Contribution to Ohio Health and Mount Carmel Health System residency programs
  • Ongoing research and publications across all sub-specialties
  • Healthcare professional education with a focus on current concepts, family medicine, nursing, physical therapy, and urgent care, as related to orthopedics

Helping local athletes stay in the game

The sideline is no place for an athlete. Orthopedic ONE is proud to support athletes at all levels of play here in Columbus. Our team of physicians, therapists and trainers provide orthopedic, injury prevention and rehabilitation services to some of the most elite professional organizations in central Ohio, as well as collegiate, high school and club programs.

Clubs/League Partners:

Professional Affiliates:

School Partners:

Partnering & Event Coverage

Are you looking for a Sports Medicine Provider for your team or school athletic program? Do you have a special event or tournament coming up that you would like to have a Certified Athletic Trainer there for injury first aid?

For more information on partnership opportunities and/or event coverage, or any other inquiries relating to Orthopedic ONE in the community, please contact Karly Elliott, Director of Marketing, at or by phone at 614-827-8527.