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Athlete’s Foot


Tinea pedis. That’s the medical term for a fungal infection most of us call athlete’s foot. Learn more about the cause—and the cure.

Causes & Triggers

  • Warm, dark, humid environments, such as:
    • Locker rooms
    • Shoes
    • Showers
    • Swimming pools

Signs & Symptoms

  • Itching, inflammation, stinging or burning
  • Rash may spread to soles of feet and toenails
  • Scaly rash, usually between the toes

Tips & Treatment

  • Keep feet dry.
  • Wear ventilated athletic and other shoes, when possible.
  • Do not scratch the infection.
  • Use over-the-counter (OTC) antifungals or ask your doctor about prescription medications.
  • Athlete’s foot is persistent:
    • It can recur, so seek medical treatment if OTC remedies are ineffective.
    • It can spread through everyday items that have been contaminated, such as floors, towels, bedding and clothing.
    • It can spread to other parts of the body, especially the groin and underarms.

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