Athletes and others who continually use the elbow in a throwing motion may experience a common ligament injury known as a UCL (ulnar collateral ligament) tear. In addition to pain and swelling, this injury can limit throwing ability and speed. Keep reading to learn more.

Causes & Triggers

  • Repetitive overhead throwing motion

Signs & Symptoms

  • Decreased throwing ability
  • Inflammation
  • Pain (especially inside elbow)
  • Soreness
  • Swelling

Tips & Treatments

  • Non-athletes may be treated with a regimen of rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medications, bracing and physical therapy.
  • Throwing athletes, such as pitchers, may require surgical treatment to repair or reconstruct ligaments.
  • The surgery is commonly referred to as “Tommy John Surgery,” named for a former Major League baseball pitcher.
These lists are not inclusive of all conditions and procedures. In order to obtain a complete and accurate diagnosis, a physician should assess your individual situation. Following diagnosis, your physician will discuss appropriate treatment options with you – both surgical and non-surgical. Schedule an appointment with an Orthopedic ONE physician.