A hunched, rounded spine or hunchback is not only an indication of poor posture; it could be a symptom of a structural condition known as kyphosis. Most often, this spine condition manifests itself in the mid-back (thoracic) region. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Causes & Triggers

  • Cancer-related compression fractures
  • Degenerative diseases (especially arthritis, disc degeneration)
  • Fragility fractures
  • Structural abnormality or birth defect (bones, discs, nerves, soft tissues)

Signs & Symptoms

  • Fatigue
  • Hunched or rounded appearance
  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Tenderness

Tips & Treatments

  • This progressive condition affects both children and adults
  • Seek a medical evaluation from a well-qualified neck and spine specialist for treatment options, which may include bracing, exercise, lifestyle changes or spinal fusion surgery.