Arthritis in your knee (or any severely damaged knee for that matter) can make even a simple walk excruciating. Find relief at Orthopedic ONE.

Your Total Knee Replacement Surgery Specialists

Our sports medicine physicians can restore knee function with a Total Knee Replacement. This surgical procedure replaces the damaged portion of your knee with artificial parts. More importantly, it can free you from knee pain while giving you smooth and natural movement within your knee joint.

What Happens During a Total Knee Replacement

During the procedure, you’ll be under anesthesia so your doctor can make an incision, move the kneecap out of the way, and trim the damaged ends of your bones, both the thighbone (or femur) and tibia. After removing cartilage and reshaping the bone to provide a stable foundation for your new knee joint, the doctor will insert the new parts, which are known as the medial and lateral components. Knee replacement parts are made of a titanium or cobalt-chromium-based metal alloy that is strong, flexible, and biocompatible – just like your own knee.

The doctor also secures a plastic spacer on the tibia to ensure a natural, gliding motion when you use your new knee. And, depending on the amount of arthritis or damage to your knee, the doctor may also resurface your patella (kneecap) and replace it with a plastic version.

This type of Total Knee Replacement is known clinically as arthroplasty of medial and lateral femoral condyle and tibial plateau with resurfacing of the patella. For you, it simply means relief from pain.

Total Knee Replacement Demonstration

In this video, get a step-by-step look at the procedure, as well as learn more about what the surgeon does to help ensure that your new knee moves and functions as it should: