Pain, pain and more pain. That’s what happens when the posterior tibial tendon that runs behind the lower leg to the inside of the ankle bone becomes inflamed. Find out the causes and cure.

Causes & Triggers

  • Acute injury from a fall or accident
  • Overuse, often through high-energy and/or weigh-bearing activity

Signs & Symptoms

  • Pain along inside ankle and arch:
    • First thing in the morning.
    • With exercise
    • After prolonged walking or standing
    • Worsening over time and with increased activity
  • Swelling

Tips & Treatments

  • The purpose if the posterior tibial tendon is to hold the foot’s arch and provide support during walking.
  • Tendon damage ranges from mild irritation to moderate inflammation to severe tearing.
  • Seek an orthopedic specialist for proper evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.
  • An MRI may be needed to assess the extent of the damage and determine the treatment protocol.