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Spirit Sprint 5k Event Announcement

In light of the uncertainly surrounding how large scale events will take place while limiting the spread or re-occurrence of COVID-19, Orthopedic ONE has made the difficult decision not to host the Spirit Sprint 5k in 2020. 

As we observe how activities like this resume, we will evaluate the best way for the practice to continue with our mission of supporting high school athletics and extra-curricular activities. 

A big THANK YOU to all the schools, sponsors, and volunteers who have supported the Spirit Sprint over the past decade!  

Stay tuned for updates! 

What is the Spirit Sprint 5k?

Since 2010, Orthopedic ONE has organized and hosted the Spirit Sprint 5k Run/Walk to support athletics and extracurricular activities at central Ohio high schools. The event is a fundraiser, with an enticing challenge component, to raise the funds needed to help schools offset costly expenses like pay to play fees, purchasing new equipment and uniforms, or funding the arts - such as band & theater programs.

The event goal is simple. We value the positive impact athletics and extracurricular programming has on students and we want to do our part to support and sustain these important activities into the future.

2019 Spirit Sprint Winners! 

 Bexley High School ($17,250)  

 Gahanna Lincoln High School ($9,575) 

  Olentangy High School ($4,150)

Spirit Sprint History

The first annual Spirit Sprint 5k was held in 2010. Since then the event has grown to include up to 1,500 walkers/runners and has raised more than $260,000 in support of athletic and extracurricular programming at over 40 participating school districts in the central Ohio region.

Congratulations to our past winners: 

2019: 1st Place Bexley Lions ($17,250), 2nd Place Gahanna Lincoln Lions ($9,575)  

2018: 1st Place Gahanna Lincoln Lions ($16,000), 2nd Place Bexley Lions ($9,300)

2017: 1st Place Bexley Lions AND Gahanna Lincoln Lions (over $14,000 each), 3rd Place Village Academy ($8,300)

2016: 1st Place Bexley Lions ($17,025), 2nd Place Gahanna Lincoln Lions ($8,825)  

2015: 1st Place Gahanna Lincoln Lions ($15,675), 2nd Place Village Academy ($6,375)  

2014: 1st Place Reynoldsburg Raiders ($6,000), 2nd Place Gahanna Lincoln Lions ($3,200) 

2013: 1st Place Groveport Madison Cruisers ($10,000), 2nd Place Gahanna Lincoln Lions

2012: 1st Place Groveport Madison Cruisers ($7,000), 2nd Place Gahanna Lincoln Lions ($5,000)

2011: 1st Place Gahanna Lincoln Lions ($4,680), 2nd Place Reynoldsburg Raiders ($1,560)

2010: 1st Place Reynoldsburg Raiders ($2,000), 2nd Place Gahanna Lincoln Lions ($665)