In 2009 Dr Herceg fused 2 discs in my back. My pain was relieved and I have been pleased with the results. 

 Approximately 2 years ago I had been experiencing some numbness in my feet and lower legs. A neurology exam showed that I had some peripheral neuropathy and I was told by the neurologist there was nothing that could be done to relieve it. I was told by a sibling that I should try epidurals as that gave them some relief. 

I was reluctant to try them however Dr. Herceg said he wouldn't guarantee it but that he was willing to try the injections to the sac around my 2 fused discs as they could be inflamed. I proceeded with three injections and have had positive results with each one. I now have approximately 80% of my feeling back in both feet and legs. Thank you Dr. Herceg!

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