I began seeing Dr. Hoang this past spring to help treat the carpal tunnel syndrome I had developed in both hands. As I got older, my symptoms got worse, and I was starting to have problems performing even basic tasks. It really limited me and the amount of pain I was in was terrible!

 Dr. Hoang sent me off for some testing, and when the results came back, we sat down to talk and decided to move forward with the surgery on my right hand first. My operation took place a few weeks ago at Grady Memorial Hospital, and I have a follow up appointment to have my stitches removed today. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results so far! Just hours after my surgery, I was free of the carpal tunnel symptoms! I had the typical post-operative discomfort that follows any surgery, but I was so happy to have feeling back in my hand. The constant numbness and tingling I had been experiencing is finally gone! 

Dr. Hoang and the staff at Orthopedic ONE's office in Delaware, as well as the staff at Grady Memorial Hospital were so kind and compassionate. Dr. Hoang knows what he is talking about, and I couldn't recommend a better surgeon!  I'm looking forward to having the same procedure done on my left hand within the next few weeks, so I can get on with my life!  5 Stars all the way! I love having doctors who are knowledgeable, really care, and play an active role in the entire recovery process. 

Thank you, Dr. Hoang- Now lets get my left hand feeling just as great! 

Misty Hoffman

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