Orthopedic ONE patient, Mike Myers talks about a shoulder injury sustained while working on his farm and how Orthopedic ONE physician Dr. Jeff Backes and team not only repaired his shoulder, but also motivated him to get healthier and improve his lifestyle.

“We sit on 13 acres and take care of two horses. While loading old fence into my truck, something let loose and sent me over the tailgate. I shattered my shoulder socket and suffered a hill sacs fracture. I knew I had to get back to taking care of our children, taking care of our land and getting back to my career in law enforcement.

I had 100 percent faith that Orthopedic ONE would take care of me. The team was really supportive and friendly.

It may sound crazy, but I’m actually thankful this happened. It has motivated and empowered me to do better in my life. My range of motion is back even better than it was before. My life has not only returned, but my quality of life is better.

I’m thankful to those individuals at Orthopedic ONE that motivated me to become the person that I am now.”

Michael Myers, husband, father, Deputy Sheriff

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