I've had pain in my hip and right knee area most of my life. After having my meniscus repaired, I decided to try physical therapy to see if it would help. 

Although skeptical at first, I was asked what I wanted to achieve from therapy. I used to enjoy riding my bike, but just couldn't take the pain, so I stopped riding 20 some years ago. Within a week of starting physical therapy, I was riding a bike for 5 minutes and doing stretches. It was rough at first, but I stuck with it. 

Within 2 weeks, I started feeling better. My physical therapist taught me what to do at home to keep improving. I began going to the gym and spent thirty minutes on the bike and an hour in the pool. I started to feel great and am doing more and more! I continue to have setbacks with my fibromyalgia, arthritis and bursitis from time to time. However, I'm in a better position to help myself deal with the pain. 

This would not be possible without all the attention, help and understanding I received from my physical therapist, Courtney Altman. I highly recommend her to anyone going through pain and rehabilitation. She is a jewel to treasure for sure!

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