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Dan | Repair of Quadriceps Tendon

Tammy | Total Knee Replacement

Linda | Neck & Spine Surgery

I had chronic pain due to sciatica for at least a year before seeing Dr. Ferrel. Walking had become very difficult and painful. Less than 2 months after my treatment by Dr. Ferrel the pain was gone!! I continue to improve every day. My thanks to the good doctor!

Michael | Knee

Dr. Sahai performed a total knee replacement on my left knee in May 2018. He called me the night before surgery to make sure that I didn't have any further questions. Really, how many doctors do this? 

Not only is he an amazing doctor, but he makes his patients feel at ease. I have battled weight for the last few years and he did not make me feel the least bit embarrassed or upset about carrying extra weight. Too many times doctors state "you know if you lost some weight....." and make you feel worse than you already feel. I recommend him to everyone I know. I'm just thankful that he's my doctor for future medical needs!

Anonymous | Hand & Wrist

I highly recommend Dr. Brent Bickel and Orthopedic ONE! Dr. Bickel is professional, caring and easy to communicate with. I'm one month post op and surgery was a complete success thanks to Dr. Bickel and his very impressive, cohesive surgical team at the Surgery Center at Easton. 

The staff at Orthopedic ONE's Gahanna/Reynoldsburg location is also very impressive. From the front office to back office everyone is respectful, considerate, professional and efficient. Great team!

Lastly, but certainly not least, Erica Winton, my occupational therapist at the Gahanna/Reynoldsburg location is amazing! I spent four weeks with Erica working through my torn muscles. Erica is extremely competent, knowledgeable and professional. She knew immediately how to alleviate my shoulder pain through exercise and manipulation. Erica went the extra mile by giving me tips and aides to make home recovery more efficient. 

Thank you Orthopedic ONE for making this situation less stressful!

Anonymous | Neck & Spine Surgery

In 2009 Dr Herceg fused 2 discs in my back. My pain was relieved and I have been pleased with the results. 

 Approximately 2 years ago I had been experiencing some numbness in my feet and lower legs. A neurology exam showed that I had some peripheral neuropathy and I was told by the neurologist there was nothing that could be done to relieve it. I was told by a sibling that I should try epidurals as that gave them some relief. 

I was reluctant to try them however Dr. Herceg said he wouldn't guarantee it but that he was willing to try the injections to the sac around my 2 fused discs as they could be inflamed. I proceeded with three injections and have had positive results with each one. I now have approximately 80% of my feeling back in both feet and legs. Thank you Dr. Herceg!

Kim | Knee

For years, I had significant knee pain that limited my ability to live, play with my grandchildren, and even do basic activities. I knew I was ready for my life to change and have my knee replacement. At 62, I wanted to do so much more, but I never knew when my knees would give out on me. After several rounds of injections, I knew it was time. 

 I saw Dr. Sahai in October. I had my speech all prepared to convince him to do the surgery on both knees at one time. My left knee hurt the most, but my right knee was actually worse than the left knee. I knew that having one done would put so much stress on the other knee. Little did I know that Dr. Sahai would suggest doing both knees before I could even ask him.

I told him that I had a huge family trip to Scotland, England, Paris and Ireland planned for the coming summer. He said if I worked hard, I would have no trouble with the trip. My surgery was scheduled for April 2019 and my trip was in August 2019, so I had a total of 4 months to become mobile and strong! It was not an easy time having both knees replaced, but I had a goal and was not going to miss it or limit myself on this trip! 

I competed my PT by the 8th week. I met all of my benchmarks, but knew I had to keep going. I walked and did my exercises faithfully. I am on my vacation right now and have been walking 10,000-18,000 steps daily. I climbed to the top of the cliffs of Kilkee  in Ireland. It was the equivalent of 57 flights of stairs!! I made it!!

I thank everyone at Orthopedic ONE for their support and help. Dr. Sahai and his  team are wonderful. He was so encouraging and kind to me! Thank you for giving my life back to me. I have no knee pain or problems. I love my new knees! 

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