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Mike | Shoulder Arthroscopy

Tammy | Total Knee Replacement


I enjoy being active, and while push-ups are triceps driven, I am certain I wouldn't be able to do a one arm, one leg push up holding up 235 lbs. of body weight, without the tendon repair performed by Dr. Bellisari. The physical therapy team at the Upper Arlington location also played a large role in my recovery. 

I'm just over six months post surgery, and I have also been able to start practicing full, strict pull ups, which was one of my major post surgery objectives. 

Thanks to the team at Orthopedic ONE for helping me reach my goals!

Tammy | Knee | General Orthopedics

Orthopedic ONE patient, Tammy Zimmerman talks about living with rheumatoid arthritis and the damage the disease took on her joints, and her life. Tammy underwent bilateral knee replacement and shares moments from her journey pre and post surgery.

“I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was 29. A few years into wrestling with the condition, I sustained severe damage to both knee joints. I couldn’t straighten my legs. I was lucky to have had Orthopedic ONE take me through my surgery. Now,
I can hop out of bed in the morning and pick up my three-year-old and swing her around. I’m so grateful to everyone at Orthopedic ONE for changing my life.”

Pam | Knee

On August 11th, I was working in the yard and believe that was when I tore my meniscus. I saw Dr. Huber a few days later and explained that my symptoms were similar to when I had previously torn the meniscus in my right knee. I also advised that I was excited about an upcoming cruise I have planned for later this fall. 

Dr. Huber recommended an MRI, we reviewed it in his office a few days later, and booked surgery for the end of that week.

 I'm pleased to say that he did a great job and I am recuperating nicely. I want to thank Dr. Huber and his team for being so quick to help me get better so I can enjoy my cruise! 

Anonymous | Foot & Ankle

I suffered from terrible plantar fasciitis for 10 years. I had seen four different doctors and nothing helped, not even multiple orthotics . 

I finally made an appointment with Dr. Brian Tscholl. I explained my symptoms, and was delighted when he said,“That’s no problem, I can cure it with one simple exercise." He was right! Within two weeks the pain was gone and has not returned. 

Thanks Dr. Tscholl!

Jane | Hip | Knee

Without Dr. Politi, I wouldn't have been able to keep walking or finish my teaching career. Now I am enjoying a successful retirement, and am still able to get around fairly well and have very little pain. I'm living a good life thanks to you! 

Thank you so much!

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