We love hearing from our patients. If you've had a positive experience with our practice, providers or staff, please let us know. You can submit your story here, and include photos or videos.

After going through a few rounds of injections with an Orthopedic ONE PMR specialist, I was referred to one of his partners, Dr. Jason Ferrel. Dr. Ferrel and I went over the results of my MRI, and he explained why my back was still not the way it should be. 

Before coming to Orthopedic ONE, I had done chiropractic care and physical therapy at a chiropractor's office. Dr. Ferrel explained the difference between the therapy I had received and the therapy I would need in order to get better.

He asked me to give therapy one more try and if that did not work, then we would talk about other treatment options. I agreed and started physical therapy at Orthopedic ONE's Gahanna/Reynoldsburg location. My therapy went well and  Susan and Nicole were great! They got me to where I feel 80% better. They gave me exercises to do at home to keep my muscles and core strong so I can continue to improve even more. 

I want to thank EVERYONE at Orthopedic ONE! I will not go anywhere else for orthopedic care and I will tell friends and family about your services. YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!

- Kathie Spence

I suffered a torn rotator injury many years ago which had persisted and gotten significantly worse over time. I was busy with my career and raising children, so I postponed this surgery, which was not in my favor for yielding the best results. 

 However, Dr. Westerheide did such an amazing job! I had several other issues that he had to correct along with the torn rotator, such as bone spurs and also a torn bicep tendon. I had surgery in March, and by October, I was able to resume working out at the gym, attending cardio and strength classes and golfing too! 

I am very impressed by my results and the care and concern given to me by Dr. Westerheide and his entire staff!

- Teresa Kerr

During a motorcycle race in September, I had an accident resulting in a broken clavicle. 

The accident occurred on a Sunday. I had my first appointment with Dr. Latshaw on Tuesday and had surgery on Wednesday. I went back to work the following Monday. 

While being able to get back to work quickly was a priority, I was most concerned about getting back on the track! I was able to get back to riding a motorcycle at full capacity this Thanksgiving at a track in Alabama. 

I'm thrilled with the care I received, as well as the results! 

- Jacob Hawkins

I first met Dr. Gaines over 16 years ago, at a time when another physician treated me like I couldn't possibly need surgery due to my age. After 15 months of being ignored (and a quick decline in my ability to walk), Dr. Gaines determined that I needed bilateral total hip replacements. Within one year I went from the inability to walk (and questioning my sanity) to being able to walk without pain. He has since replaced a knee and taken care of me with multiple joint issues. He discovered deformities in my hip structure from birth which explained the reason for needing surgery at a young age. 

Dr. Gaines is not only an excellent surgeon, but a great person with incredible bed-side manner. I highly recommend Dr. Gaines! 

- Julie Beis

Dr. Johansen performed knee replacements on both my knees in 2017. While I had to work hard during the recovery process, now I am doing activities I never thought I'd still be able to do. My quality of life has also improved beyond what I thought it could be (just take a look at the photos below from one of my recent hikes)! 

Thank you to Dr. Johansen and his wonderful staff!!! 

- Annette Duty

Earlier this year, Dr. Van Aman repaired my peritoneal tendon and arch. He and Courtney were very attentive and compassionate from the first visit until the final visit. They explained everything and I felt totally prepared for the surgery and recovery phase. 

Tammy and TJ also did a phenomenal job with patient education. They took extra time to make sure I was prepared to care for myself at home. 

Dr. Van Aman is a very talented and gifted surgeon. I am amazed at how well things have progressed. I returned to work after 12 weeks without limitations or pain. I am very grateful for the skills and expertise of Dr. Van Aman!

- Carlene Lichtenberger

Dr. Feibel and his team are excellent! 

I was referred to Dr. Feibel by a friend. She had an unusual case, and even though he had never done a surgery like hers before, the operation was very successful and his team did a wonderful job of taking care of her as she healed. 

When I had a problem with my foot, I saw Dr. Feibel for a second option. We proceeded with the procedure he recommended, and I ended up having a complication during my recovery. He and his staff were very reassuring, supportive and showed concern for my well-being. 

I feel blessed and grateful that he is with Orthopedic ONE! 

- Gahanna/Reynoldsburg Patient

I enjoy being active, and while push-ups are triceps driven, I am certain I wouldn't be able to do a one arm, one leg push up holding up 235 lbs. of body weight, without the tendon repair performed by Dr. Bellisari. The physical therapy team at the Upper Arlington location also played a large role in my recovery. 

I'm just over six months post surgery, and I have also been able to start practicing full, strict pull ups, which was one of my major post surgery objectives. 

Thanks to the team at Orthopedic ONE for helping me reach my goals!

- Scott Roberts

Orthopedic ONE patient, Tammy Zimmerman talks about living with rheumatoid arthritis and the damage the disease took on her joints, and her life. Tammy underwent bilateral knee replacement and shares moments from her journey pre and post surgery.

“I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis when I was 29. A few years into wrestling with the condition, I sustained severe damage to both knee joints. I couldn’t straighten my legs. I was lucky to have had Orthopedic ONE take me through my surgery. Now,
I can hop out of bed in the morning and pick up my three-year-old and swing her around. I’m so grateful to everyone at Orthopedic ONE for changing my life.”

- Tammy Zimmerman

On August 11th, I was working in the yard and believe that was when I tore my meniscus. I saw Dr. Huber a few days later and explained that my symptoms were similar to when I had previously torn the meniscus in my right knee. I also advised that I was excited about an upcoming cruise I have planned for later this fall. 

Dr. Huber recommended an MRI, we reviewed it in his office a few days later, and booked surgery for the end of that week.

 I'm pleased to say that he did a great job and I am recuperating nicely. I want to thank Dr. Huber and his team for being so quick to help me get better so I can enjoy my cruise! 

- Pam Franken

I suffered from terrible plantar fasciitis for 10 years. I had seen four different doctors and nothing helped, not even multiple orthotics . 

I finally made an appointment with Dr. Brian Tscholl. I explained my symptoms, and was delighted when he said,“That’s no problem, I can cure it with one simple exercise." He was right! Within two weeks the pain was gone and has not returned. 

Thanks Dr. Tscholl!

- Upper Arlington Patient

Without Dr. Politi, I wouldn't have been able to keep walking or finish my teaching career. Now I am enjoying a successful retirement, and am still able to get around fairly well and have very little pain. I'm living a good life thanks to you! 

Thank you so much!

- Jane Baxter

When I began seeing Dr. David Hannallah to address my back pain, he first recommended continuing with Ibuprofen, physical therapy and steroid shots, and then as a last choice, discussing surgery, which was expected to provide a 40-60% chance of improvement. 

We tried the conservative approach and I still had not gotten the relief I needed. So one year later, on 7/3/18, Dr. Hannallah performed a lumbar laminectomy. Today, almost a month later, I feel and perform better than one year ago when I first met him.

I have had some kind of back issue most of my life, but I never considered surgery until this year. I'm so grateful for the quick recovery and the continuing improvement in my life and in my flexibility. I also appreciate his conservative and thorough instructions that I try non-surgical options first. He is the best! I can see why he has been named one of the best surgeons for back issues in central Ohio per Columbus Monthly. 

Thank You, Dr. Hannallah for giving me a new life!

- Jack Widner

I was having a lot of knee and back pain that was keeping me from my normal activities. I was due to go to to Sleeping Bear Dunes in Northern Michigan, and I was determined to complete the dune clime. 

I met with Courtney, a physical therapist at Orthopedic ONE's Gahanna/Reynoldsburg location, who quickly narrowed down and targeted the root cause. She taught me exercises and worked with me 4-5 times. Just one week later, I was able to climb the dunes, which my Fitbit reported was just under five miles and equivalent of 38 flights of stairs! 

Thanks Courtney! 

- Gahanna/Reynoldsburg Patient

I had been suffering from an increasingly painful left shoulder for years, beginning with a tackling injury I sustained playing college football in 1974. 

Years later, in May 2014, my shoulder just kind of popped while I was doing some work. My wife strongly recommended Dr. Mileti because he had repaired one of her co-worker's shoulders with good results. 

 Dr. Mileti was very cordial and it was easy to discuss my situation with him and make a plan for my recovery. 

The surgery went well, as he predicted. I followed his instructions and his schedule for recovery very accurately. After one year, the repaired shoulder was perfect with no pain or popping. I am 62 years old and still pain free without any restriction of movement or weakness.

Thank you to Dr. Mileti and his team! 

- Preston Gaddis

I have been a patient at Orthopedic One for more than 10 years. I have received, what I believe to be the best Orthopedic care that is available in the entire state. I have had the privilege of having Dr. Hannallah perform surgery on my neck; Dr. Feibel perform surgery on my right foot, twice; for different problems; Dr. Williard perform surgery on my right shoulder; Dr. Thompson has done injections in my back, and Dr. Martin has taken care of stress fracture of my right ankle. I am currently under the care of Dr. Hannallah, and Dr. Thompson. I wouldn’t consider going to any other Orthopedic practice since all of my previous encounters were extremely successful, and I am beyond satisfied with each one of the doctors whose care I was under. I have recommended these doctors, and Orthopedic One to my family members, and friends; and to their healthful benefit, everyone of them are now also very grateful, satisfied patients. 

Thank You to all of my Amazing doctors at Orthopedic One. 

- Tammy Burtick

I am writing about my recent care at Orthopedic ONE. On February 2, I had a total knee replacement performed by Dr. Robie. The procedure went well, Dr. Robie was a gem and his staff as well!

However, after the knee surgery, I started having pain in my right leg. I finally realized I needed to see a back specialist to address the horrible pain. I eventually got in to see Dr. Miely, who went over my recent MRI results, told me what I needed and then brought in his patient care coordinator, CeCe to talk about the procedure he was recommending. 

 CeCe went over everything concerning the surgery, both before and after. As she talked I was getting overwhelmed. I could feel the tears wanting to come. I was just getting over my knee replacement surgery and the thought of going back to the operating room was just too much for me. When we were done and got up to leave, I looked at CeCe and asked, “Can I have a hug?” Of course, she obliged and that made me physically feel the compassion she showed as she went over the surgery details. I just had to feel it...I needed that hug!

This may seem like a small gesture, but in that moment is wasn't to me. That hug is the reason I decided to have Dr. Miely do my surgery on June 11th. It was the “we care” feeling. Fear crept in again as I was waiting for my surgery, but CeCe told me I was in good hands. She restored by faith that I would be okay and that the team at Orthopedic ONE would help me get better. 

My surgery went well and now the healing process has begun. I want to thank the staff members, like CeCe, for being the kind and caring people they are. Please make sure your staff knows that patients do care about how they are treated and how small gestures, like a hug, can make all the difference.

- Linda Grandominico

Orthopedic ONE patient, Mike Myers talks about a shoulder injury sustained while working on his farm and how Orthopedic ONE physician Dr. Jeff Backes and team not only repaired his shoulder, but also motivated him to get healthier and improve his lifestyle.

- Mike Myers

When I was younger, I thoroughly enjoyed bodybuilding kept up with the sport until I injured myself in the early 90’s. At the time I did what I could, but never found the right treatment and eventually tried to live with it. My occupation as a steelworker for twenty plus years, didn’t help matters either. It got to the point where as I got a little older I began to self treat. This was not yielding good results, so my family doctor and I did some research, and that is how we came across Dr. Mileti. We discovered his office is located fifty-five miles west of where I live and we both decided that setting up an appointment with Dr. Mileti would be a good step toward my recovery. 

After years of pain, I finally had a shoulder replacement in 2012, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life! 

During the twenty years I spent trying to live with the pain I went into "sleep mode" and would eventually gain over a hundred pounds. After  "waking up" in early January 2017 and confidently knowing I was well enough to be doing something about this, I began exercising, slowly at first, and eventually started to increase the intensity and frequency of my workouts.  

I actually jog now, which is amazing considering that at certain times throughout this journey I thought I would never run again. I work out 4 times a week now and have the energy I had in my late teens and twenties. I went from 274 pounds in January 2017 to my current weight of 166.2.

 I want to thank Dr. Mileti because without him this wouldn’t have been possible. I would also like to thank the kind staff as well, Nurse Katie, and everyone else on my care team at Orthopedic ONE. Thanks to all of you, at 52 years of age, I feel like I still have a lot of life left to live! 

- Monty T.

I recently had an appointment with Dr. Fowler, and both my wife and I were impressed with his focus and attention to the details of my movements. 

He was very interested in listening to both of our accounts of the lower extremity pain I have been experiencing. 

We are confident in his approach to clearly identify the problem and provide the appropriate treatment. 

Thanks to the entire staff!

- Grove City Patient

My 9-year-old daughter broke her wrist while playing soccer in late April. Our pediatrician advised us to follow up with a specialist ASAP. Dr. Marlo Van Steyn squeezed us in and our care has been outstanding from her and her entire team. The whole office has been flexible with scheduling, willing to work with us to find the most cost effective way to treat our daughter, friendly and willing to make numerous calls to try to figure out what our insurance would cover. The support staff (Andrea, Steve and Jack) really went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and welcome. We are so grateful for their excellent care!!

- Ashley Cellar

Orthopedic ONE patient Abby Steiner tells her story to FOX 28's Good Day Marketplace. The fastest girl in Ohio and 3rd fastest in the country. Did we mention she is faster AFTER ACL reconstruction surgery?

Click here to watch Abby's story.

- Abby Steiner

- Jennifer Schwickerath

Imagine you could hit the reset button on your life. 34 years ago, I broke my knee in about 40 places. Over time, my ability to do the things I love to do diminished and disappeared. Biking, hiking, even a simple walk. A block was too much after a certain point, and as a normally very active person, I realized I had become confined and was missing out on being alive. I delayed as long as I could, then knew it was time to change things. 

Orthopedic ONE is clearly the ultimate destination for anyone in Columbus Ohio, or anywhere else for that matter. Amazing patient care, and I was fortunate enough to have a very involved and talented doctor, Michael McShane, M.D. Not 2 weeks after the surgery my daughter said, "Dad, you're taller!" when she saw me walk without a limp or the hunched over stance she had seen me in her entire life. 

Recently, while on vacation, I did a 6 mile hike through the desert and realized how much I had been missing out on. So did my wife, who was doing these types of activities alone. I had forgotten how much I loved being out there, and I have my life and the joys of mobility back again. There are simply no words to describe it!

 Thank you, Orthopedic ONE.  Everything that was old is new again. 

 Jeff Pinkham, Ph.D. 

- Jeff Pinkham

- Judy Copeland

I found myself hearing words that seemed very devastating to me. “I’m sorry the knee injury you have is very serious and a life changing event”. That little sentence left me with fear to go along with the intense physical pain radiating through my body.

I felt numb to the idea that the little things I enjoyed may never happen again.  I could give up my love for hiking; but how would I ever accept the fact that this inactive status would render me unable to care for twin grandbabies who were about to be born, and my little grandson who would join them the same week? Would I ever be able to play with my other three grandkids?  Could I really accept the news that I may never walk around the zoo with my family?  Would I be able to finish my teaching career, which involved me spending hours each day standing in front of students lecturing?

What may seem like simple questions drove me to explore other options and another orthopedic specialist's opinion.  As I researched and checked references, I decided to call Orthopedic ONE. It seemed like it took me forever to explain my injuries and my new expected lifestyle. My first thought, “I want the doctor who does knee surgeries on young soccer players, Dr. Peter Edwards”.  It felt kind of silly in my heart that a 52 yr old patient would be valued the same as an athlete. However, I was pleasantly surprised that Dr. Peter Edwards and staff immediately encouraged me!  Dr. Edwards was very honest, I was going to need to work on intensive therapy every day for the knee to reach full potential and therapy would not be easy. 

Through the amazing care from my team at Orthopedic ONE and Dr. Edwards leading the way, I was determined to enjoy the little things in life. This determination was built through the motivation I received from my care team at Orthopedic ONE!  My husband and family became my cheerleaders away from the office, as anyone who has been through it will tell you, everyone needs additional support to get through intense therapy like this!  

The words “this injury will be life-changing” wasn’t a false statement. The knee injury has changed my life for the better! I now recognize the importance of appreciating the little things in life. I can now enjoy hiking, playing with my grandkids, being active with my family. I am even more determined to continue enjoying the little things than I was before my injury!

Thank you Orthopedic ONE and Dr. Peter Edwards, your quality of care and concern gave me back the simple joys in my life!

- Joyce Banks

I injured my shoulder on August 23, 2017 and began my journey to recovery with Dr. Jeffrey Backes the following week. We immediately started planning for my imaging, and through it we discovered that I had suffered a Hill-Sachs lesion and that my socket was broken. I was in a considerable amount of pain and was scheduled for surgery on September 15th. After the procedure, I immediately started working on small range of motion exercises. I developed a case of hiccups, so I stopped all pain medication, with the exception of Ibuprofen, 36 hours after surgery. My wife, who is an RN, asked if I was still in pain. I assured her that my pain level was next to none compared to what I had suffered after the injury.

Throughout the process, Lindsay, Dr. Backes' Medical Secretary, was able to square away my FMLA paperwork, which presented its own set of challenges apart from my physical recovery. Lindsay was more than helpful and always wore a welcoming and friendly smile.

About a week after surgery, I began attending physical therapy, and I spent the next 2 1/2 months working with Jon at Orthopedic ONE's physical therapy location in Hilliard. We worked on range of motion to start, and by the time I completed therapy, he had not only developed challenging exercises, but he became kind of a “personal trainer” to me. I truly valued his input. I was also working on my own, advising him of my personal progression, and we developed a professional friendship while working together. My experience throughout the process was like none other. I have rehabilitated at other facilities and none by any means, come close to Orthopedic ONE! I was challenged not only to rebound from my injury, but to become better overall. I have gained my health back to almost 100% and am now working towards being more physically fit than I was prior to my injury!

My most recent appointment with Dr. Backes was a real self-esteem boost. My range of motion is back to where it was prior to my injury. I was especially proud to reflect on my progress, because Dr. Backes shared that my range of motion is better than his was after he endured a similar injury when he was a student athlete!

 I tell everyone I can about the exceptional quality and level of care I received at Orthopedic ONE! Dr. Backes worked a miracle on me and I wouldn't be where I am now without the support I got from Lindsay and Jon. I feel like my quality of life is better now than it was before the injury and like I have a renewed sense of purpose as well!     

- Michael Myers

Orthopedic ONE Hand patient, Karen Collins, shares her story on Good Day Marketplace with Cameron Fontana. Standing alongside her Hand Therapist, Heather Mitchell, you can see the bond that the two of them have formed throughout Karen's rehabilitation. Karen's story, like so many of our patients, includes pain and perseverance. Perseverance to not "live" with and accept the pain, perseverance to seek treatment, and perseverance to give rehab her all. Now she is back to living a full life - with no limitations. Our best to Karen, her supportive husband, and a Grandson that keeps her on her toes and full of life!  Check out Karen's story in the interview here.

- Karen Collins

After experiencing a bad fall at work, it was determined that I was a good candidate for a total knee replacement. I met with a few surgeons, but was not impressed with their bedside manner. 

Finally, my primary care physician sent me to a consultation with a surgeon named Dr. Vivek Sahai. His mannerisms were kind and gentle. He explained all the details of the procedure as well as what to expect during my recovery. I was so impressed with everyone I met at Orthopedic ONE, especially with their attention to detail and how they always treat me like a person, not just a case number.

 My surgery was in July and my knee is coming along very well. I would highly recommend Orthopedic ONE as a practice, as well as Dr Sahai and the Therapy Services team at the Westerville location. 

Thank you for your exceptional care!

- Upper Arlington Patient

- Suzanne Roberts

- Gahanna/Reynoldsburg Patient

After many years of chronic shoulder pain, I began having difficultly writing and doing  other tasks I once found simple. I knew that this was no way to live and contacted Orthopedic ONE to book an appointment with a shoulder specialist. 

On April 19, 2017, Dr Jeffrey Backes performed a reverse total shoulder replacement on my right shoulder. Dr. Backes and the staff at Orthopedic ONE calmed all my pre surgery fears by thoroughly answering all my questions. Recovery was painless and today I am living with no limitations.

Thank you Dr. Backes, you gave me my life back!!!

- Kathryn Booth

I came to Orthopedic ONE after having hand surgery performed at a different practice. My surgeon, Dr. James Popp, listened to my grievances and carefully explained all my options and what results I could realistically expect from a revision surgery. 

I am a dentist, so having full use of my hands is imperative for me to treat my own patients with the best care possible. I am very satisfied with the result of the second surgery and I'm pleased that I can now return to work. 

Thank you, Dr. Popp! 

- Gahanna/Reynoldsburg Patient

I had a knee scope performed by Dr. Politi on 10/09/17 at the Surgery Center at Easton. I want to share what a great experience this was for me. From the minute I walked in the door to the minute I was wheeled out, I met some of the most caring, kind and professional people I have ever met in the healthcare field!

I am a retired firefighter/medic and I can’t say enough about the staff at this facility. I’ve worked with thousands of doctors and nurses in my career, but this group was the best I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I would highly recommend this facility to anyone! I would like to call out Melissa, my nurse and Kelly the anesthesiologist. They were outstanding! 

Keep up the great work!! 

- John DeWitt

I have been an Orthopedic ONE patient for several years and have had both knees replaced, as well as my right hip and left shoulder. Soon I will be adding a right shoulder replacement to the list! 

I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for Dr. Williard, Dr. Fowler and Dr. Backes' expertise. I suffer from severe arthritis and a bone disorder and they have made my life bearable and functional. Bless you!

- Cindy Eliftitz

During my senior year of high school, I tore my ACL & meniscus dismounting off of the uneven bars during gymnastics practice. I had x-rays done on my knee, but the physician never ordered an MRI, so I had no idea how extensive my knee injury was. It wasn't until 8 years later, when my knee buckled underneath me while I was jumping on a trampoline, that the long overdue MRI was finally done. It showed a completely torn ACL, and I immediately scheduled an appointment at Orthopedic ONE. 

My surgeon was Dr. Larry Watson and he did an amazing job! He answered any question I had for him and performed a successful cadaver/hamstring ACL transplant. My recovery went well with the physical therapists at Orthopedic ONE following surgery and I was back up and running (half and quarter marathons!), doing yoga and playing tennis in no time!

During my recovery, I picked up yoga and began practicing as an additional method of physical therapy along with running. Less than a year later, I became a certified yoga teacher, as well as a personal trainer to help people develop more body awareness & improve their fitness following injuries. I also created an ebook documenting my knee surgery recovery, in hopes that it can help anyone going through the same thing.

I can't thank the staff at Orthopedic ONE enough!  I highly recommend anyone facing knee surgery to consider coming here!

- Nina Elise

I was seen at Orthopedic ONE for chronic left lower extremity pain and numbness. Everyone I came in contact with was excellent, from Tammy who expedited my appointment to Gayla at registration to Brittany who took my vitals. I saw Dr. Van Aman for a consultation and Dr. Fitz for an EMG and received exemplary care, compassion, respect and courtesy. I highly recommend this team of dedicated professionals to anyone with orthopedic needs!

- Upper Arlington Patient

When I was 9 years old, I shattered my elbow. During my treatment something happened and I wasn't able to make a fist or bend my thumb. 

After dealing with this for over a decade, I set up an appointment to see Dr. James Popp. After two tendon transfers, my hand was finally fixed and working better than it had in years! This was three years ago and I'm still happy with my result! 

Thank you so much Dr. Popp!

- Brandi Snyder

My first encounter with Dr. Peter Edwards was back in 1998, when I was 41 years old. I snapped my tib/fib  2 1/2 inches above my ankle while playing soccer. I reached out to my chiropractor, who recommended that I see Dr. Edwards. I set up an appointment with him right away and just a few days later he inserted a rod in my tibula that is still there to this day. 

To my delight, I was back playing full time soccer within a few months!  Part of what motivated me to push myself during rehab was the attention that Dr. Edwards paid to my injury from the first second we met. 

Before long, I began experiencing wear and tear injuries in my legs, knees and ankles. With each new ache and pain, I've trusted Dr. Edwards with my care. I'm proud to say that I'm still playing soccer, but I would not be able to continue if it wasn't for the excellent treatment I have received from Dr. Edwards and his team at Orthopedic ONE! 

I have referred scores of soccer players, friends and business colleagues to Dr. Edwards and I'll sing his praises anytime! 

- Terry Quested

In 2015, I began experiencing pain in my right knee. The pain was bearable until I had surgery on my left foot, forcing me to put all my weight on my right side as I recovered. 

When the pain finally became too much, I made an appointment with Orthopedic ONE. I was scheduled with Dr. Jeffrey Backes and I now consider that to be my lucky day!  

During my appointment, it was determined that I would be a very good candidate for knee replacement surgery. I think he was as surprised as I was to learn this! I wasn't quite ready to take the plunge, so Dr. Backes made me as comfortable as possible with steroid shots until I worked up the nerve to schedule surgery.

 Dr. Backes performed my knee replacement in January 2017. Within 2 months, I was back to work and pain free! This whole experience has been life changing. I always felt well taken care of and can't believe that after all this time I'm able to live my life without knee pain! Thank you,  Dr. Backes! 

- Monica Desch Garrison

I was experiencing a lot of pain in my knee and was referred to Dr. Jeffrey Backes at Orthopedic ONE's Hilliard location. Since my first appointment, I have had 3 more visits for cortisoneinjections and most recently the "gel". Dr. Backes is always very friendly, spends time answering my questions and likes to joke around to put me at ease. Even better, the injections are PAINLESS!!!   I'd also like to give a shout out to Jenn and Rhonda who are very efficient and fun to talk to during my visits. 

- Sue Koevenig

Sterling Manley, Pickerington Central Basketball Standout and North Carolina Tar Heel. 

- Sterling Manley

I have been a patient at Orthopedic ONE on prior occasions, but my most recent experience revolved around my knee replacement. Dr. Politi and his staff were very professional, informative, responsive to my concerns and thorough in all phases of the process!

Pre-op, OR and Post-op arrangements for education, therapy, home care and devices were all outstanding!! Dr. Politi's experience and expertise throughout the process were were amazing assurances of the best results, as long as I did my part to prepare for the surgery and work diligently after my procedure. 

I was highly impressed by the entire team and the Surgery Center at Easton was also quite impressive.  A+++++ rating!

- Eric Humphreys

I had been suffering from pain in both knees for several years, which forced me to take prescriptions and over the counter medications in an attempt to find temporary relief. After complaining to my family doctor once again, he finally recommended that I see a knee specialist. 

I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive to move in this direction, especially because I was afraid that if I went to a specialist, I would be told that I needed surgery. However, I was sick of being in constant pain, so I made an appointment with Orthopedic ONE. My hope was to find a young physician who was up on the latest advances and open to exploring more conservative treatment options. 

When I entered the office, the receptionist and the registration associate were professional and kind. The warmth of the staff and the openness of the building was inviting and encouraging. Next I met Rhonda, who took excellent care of me and listened to my concerns. Then my story gets even better, in walks Dr. Jeffrey Backes. He was prompt, reviewed by X-rays with me and told me that he would like to give me an injection in each knee to help ease my pain. 

I was so relieved that he didn't suggest surgery, but not knowing how this worked, I asked a few questions before consenting to the shot. Dr. Backes continued to talk with me as he performed the procedure and before I knew it, we were done! 

The entire experience was so remarkable and the spirit of excellence runs throughout the entire team who helped me. I'm actually looking forward to my next appointment in 6 weeks! 

Keep up the great work!

- Anita Dawson

I had been having pain in my right hip for 2 years and had visited several different doctors with no relief in sight. I contacted Dr. Kenneth Westerheide at Orthopedic ONE, who recommended that I undergo an MRI so he could see my hip and come up with some theories about why I may be experiencing this pain. After seeing the deterioration of my joint, he referred me to one of his partners, Dr. Bryan Chambers. 

Dr. Chambers first attempted to repair the torn cartilage, but unfortunately that did not fix the problem. He said I had two options; I could do nothing and continue coping with the pain or I could have a total hip replacement.  At this point, my hip hurt 24/7 no matter how I positioned myself. I couldn't sit, stand or lay down without being in pain. I had no choice and opted to go with the total hip replacement. About 9 months into my recovery, I started to experience the same symptoms in my left hip. This time, I knew exactly what had to happen, and Dr. Chambers performed a total replacement of my left hip too. 

I'm so grateful that I found Dr. Chambers. He knew just which type of hip joint I needed. He also understands how important being active is to me and allowed me to continue training and teaching martial arts as well as pursue the other physical activities that I enjoy so much! Without his help and the benefits of modern technology, I would be in a wheelchair and not living the lifestyle I am today. Thank you! 

- Debbie Confer

After many years of right hip pain, I noticed a decline in my mobility when I began falling while performing everyday activities like mowing the grass or going on a walk. My doctor recommended physical therapy, which did not help. I then sought the advice of an orthopedic specialist who gave me a cortisone injection. Unfortunately, this did not provide any relief either. Eventually, I ended up having an MRI to examine my hip and was told that a full tear in my gluteus minimus had been the source of my pain for all these years! The orthopedic specialist advised that the tear could not be fixed and that I would need to rely on a cane for the rest of my life. At 62 years old, this was not an acceptable answer to me, so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Thomas Ellis at Orthopedic ONE for a second opinion. 

After a successful surgical repair on Feb 13, 2017, my recovery is right on schedule according to Dr Ellis, Tiffany his Physician Assistant and Dave Kohlrieser my Physical Therapist.  After years of restless nights, I can now sleep soundly without pain. In addition to my physical therapy sessions, walking in the pool at the Grove City YMCA has been a great way to build strength in my leg. I hope to give up my cane within the next few weeks and ride my bicycle by the end of the summer!

Thanks to Dr Ellis and the staff at Orthopedic ONE for giving me my active life back!!

- Monica Walter

I have been blessed to work alongside the wonderful staff and physicians at Orthopedic ONE and over the past few years have also had the chance to be treated as patient by these same great people! 

Three years ago, Dr. Vivek Sahai performed my bi-lateral knee surgery. Words cannot express how appreciative I am of the excellent care he and his team provided. I can't thank him enough for taking the time to genuinely listen and patiently answer my questions. 

Around this time, I had a complication from another surgery that had been bothering me for the past 10 months. I addressed the situation with Dr, Sahai and he immediately offered to perform a revision surgery, promising that I would start walking better immediately after. The operation was scheduled for the very next week and as promised, I have been walking much better and have not fallen once! 

My experience with the practice did not stop there. Unfortunately, I broke my left hand 6 months later. I made an appointment with Dr. Michael Rerko, who surprised me by saying I needed surgery to repair the fracture. This time I got to have my surgery at the Ohio Orthopedic Surgery Institute with all my co-workers cheering me on! There is nothing like having so many good people taking care of you.

Receiving compassionate care like this is a rarity these days.  I just want to thank you all for your kindness and big hearts!

- Marie Long

My dad became a patient of Dr. Brian Tscholl's while he was a patient at Riverside Methodist Hospital to address osteomyelitis in a non healing wound in his foot. After exhausting our efforts with multiple treatment regimens, it was determined that the best course of action was amputation.

Dr. Tscholl spent a lot of time with my dad explaining the procedure and prognosis. David, the prosthesisist, also spent a great deal of time with my parents to ease their concerns. 

 Soon after the procedure, my father had his first follow up appointment at your Upper Arlington location. I am in the medical field and deal with many different physician offices each day. I want to compliment you on the superb efficiency with which your office runs! Kudos to your Office Manager!! My Dad had to come by transport from 90 miles away, and upon our arrival we were greeted by a very polite and helpful receptionist who helped us fill out our first time patient paperwork. After a minimal wait, we went right into an exam room, where David checked out my father's progress. Soon after, Dr. Tscholl arrived to follow up with my dad. We were given everything we needed to ensure that my father's nursing home could provide proper care for his leg, scheduled a follow up appointment and were on our way. 

I have told so many people about Orthopedic ONE and the fabulous patient experience your entire office provided. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate this. You all deserve a HUGE pat on the back!! Other physician offices can learn from the way you treat your patients. Thank you again and keep up the wonderful work!!

- Anonymous

I've been treated by multiple physicians and therapists at Orthopedic ONE for a wide variety of conditions. I can't tell you how convenient it is that everything is in the same building! I always trust that they will do what it takes to keep me pain free, whether that means injections, physical therapy or something new. I also appreciate the atmosphere in the office, everyone is kind and smiles when they greet you. I've been impressed with the level of care here for years! 

- Anonymous

When I broke my hip several years ago, my surgeon at the time used two pins and a screw to repair the fracture. I mended well for the first year, but then started to decline. The pain got to the point where I could hardly walk.

Finally, I made the decision to go to Orthopedic ONE. It was there that Dr. Vivek Sahai told me I needed a hip replacement. Within hours of my surgery I was up and walking without pain in my hip joint, something I hadn't experienced in years! 

My goal was to be able to get down on the floor to play with my grandson, as this was something I hadn't been able to do without pain. Now six years later, I am pain free. I am able to go down steps the normal way, not one step at a time. Most importantly, I enjoy playing with legos, cars and board games on the floor with my grandson! 

- Linda Smith

Dr. Thompson and his staff have been were wonderful! I had another appointment yesterday and am happy to report that after suffering from sciatica, which has caused me to have chronic back pain for years, that I now feel very little pain. I have great faith in this facility. Thank you ORTHOPEDIC ONE!!!

- Gahanna/Reynoldsburg Patient

Justin Meram, with Columbus Crew SC, talks about his experience with team physician Dr. Pete Edwards with Orthopedic ONE.

- Justin Meram

Anthony Torres - Orthopedic ONE Testimonial after below knee amputation.

- Anthony Torres

Absolutely amazed and grateful for the progress both knees have made. I'm now biking everyday, 20, 30, or 40  plus miles. I do intervals, distance, or hills, and keep rotating training. My left knee is marvelous, right knee great too, just still a bit behind. I am all in to try to ride RAGBRAI, ( Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa). It's 500 miles in a week and about 3 to 4,000 feet of climb each day. Life has opened up once again. Energy, excitement for each day, I no longer spend time managing pain. As Doc Gaines says... " Always be ready for the next move." And I'm on the look out for the next move all the time, as I don't want anyone to have the fun without me. 

Thank you once again, you have literally given my life back.

Pedal on, Susie

- Susie Scott

On September 13, 2016, I had a seizure and shattered the bones in my foot and ankle. I was taken to the emergency room, and the physician recommended that I see an orthopedic surgeon, even though he did not think there was much hope to repair my foot. 

I was referred to Orthopedic ONE and booked an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Feibel.He advised that the damage to my foot was severe, however, he would do his best to help me. 

I'm happy to report that Dr. Feibel did an amazing job and that because of his surgical skills, and the support of his talented team, my foot is still intact.

Thank you, Dr. Feibel, you are an amazing surgeon and an even better person! 

- Maurice Weaver

Last December, I received a total hop replacement from Dr. Ellis using the Anterior Approach. His surgical skill, bedside manner and methodology are all excellent and have led to a very successful outcome for me. 

Before my procedure, we made a plan to ensure that my recovery went as smooth as possible. For the first 6 weeks, I was told to take it fairly easy while performing the prescribed exercises and using ice to prevent swelling.  At 3 to 4 weeks post op, I was doing light biking and was able to walk with the assistance of a cane. By 6 weeks after my surgery, I was riding the stationary bike and walking, which then progressed to more challenging exercises which I still do to this day. Once I had reached the two months post surgery mark, I was able to carefully hike in the mountains, hit the elliptical fairly hard, complete a full yoga class and workout like I did prior to the surgery. 

I only experienced slight pain the evening of my surgery and I have had no real pain since. I sleep better, walk better and played my first 9 holes of golf this week! 

Thank you Dr. Ellis and staff for giving me my good heath back and allowing me to do the things I want to do in life!

- Carl Dipman

Dr. Backes rocks!

Today is the first day in almost a month that I can walk without assistance. The whole team at the Hilliard office from X-ray to checkout is awesome.

Thank you!!!

- Nicholas Russell

I am grateful to Dr. Scott Van Aman for his expertise! On November 15, 2016 he removed two bone spurs and repaired my degenerated Achilles Tendon.

Before my procedure, I had a big bump protruding from my right heel and I was in great pain when I walked. I made sure to follow Dr Van Aman's orders after my surgery and completed physical therapy as he recommended. 

I am now 11 weeks post op and I am walking the boardwalk at Daytona Beach in moderation. Thank you Dr. Van Aman and staff, you are the BEST!!!

- Upper Arlington Patient

Last summer, I was experiencing chronic joint pain in my shoulder and scheduled an appointment at Orthopedic ONE's Westerville office. From the moment I arrived for my first visit, I was made to feel like the staff truly cared about me. Check in was very efficient and quick, and my 2:00 p.m. appointment started right on time. 

 Dr. Backes had a conversation with me about my activity level, the reasons why I may have begun experiencing pain, what treatment options were available and what outcome I could expect. He took his time explaining everything and answering all my questions in a way that made sense. 

 I am completely satisfied with Dr Backes and the entire staff at the Westerville location!

- Tom Malloy

Over the last year, I have had two joint replacement surgeries on my fingers. One procedure was done at a competitor's practice while my most recent was performed at Orthopedic ONE. Two different physicians at two different practices with dramatically different results!

In the past, I've never been one to enjoy physical therapy, but my experience with the hand therapists at Orthopedic ONE have made made me rethink this. Every time I go in for one of my appointments, it seems like everyone is happy and engaged. They allow the patient to take charge of their therapy results and they coordinate your care closely with your physician to monitor your progress.

The entire experience has been pleasing on all levels, from the receptionist, to the therapist, to the physician. I've run into negative therapy environments in the past, and I'm happy to say nothing like that happened at Orthopedic ONE Hand Therapy. 

The warm atmosphere and positive attitudes actually made my therapy sessions much easier.  The therapists always seemed to have a smile on their face and were happy to be doing their job, which made me want to do my best during my appointments.

Thank you for creating such a positive healing environment,  IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

- Karen Collins

Dear Orthopedic ONE Therapy Department, 

I don’t know how to begin to write a thank you note to all of you. As a patient in therapy here at the Westerville Office, I think I hold the record for number of visits. Yet, every time I walk in the door I am greeted with similes and a, “How are you doing today, Heidi?” 

Your positive attitude, politeness and professionalism are unbelievable! Our conversations about everything from food, to sports, to holiday décor are always enjoyable. The camaraderie allowed me forget about the pain while working through my exercises. 

All of you represent the best of your profession. Be proud of who you are and what you do! 

I’d also like to say a special thank you to Heather Goettee. She has been by my side all the way. In good times and bad times, she never gave up on me. The TORTURE QUEEN was terrific! 

Love all of you, 

- Heidi Yoder

Last fall, I sustained a rotator cuff injury and made an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Backes at the Orthopedic ONE office in Westerville. During my visit, it was determined that I would need to have shoulder surgery. The procedure was performed a few weeks later, and Dr. Backes and his staff were very sensitive to my concerns and handled each step of the process with the utmost professionalism and care.  I am healing wonderfully and will trust Orthopedic ONE with any future procedures I may need to have down the line. I can not say enough good things about this facility and the great people who have helped set me on the course for recovery! 

- Anonymous (Westerville Patient)

Dr. David Huber is a godsend! It's hard to smile when you're stricken with pain, and on August 1, 2015, I did something about that pain and underwent a Total Hip Replacement operation at Mount Carmel East. The surgery was a success and by the time I was 6 weeks out, I barely even needed to use a cane! When I returned to work in mid-October of that year, my colleagues were amazed at my improvement. Even better, my work, which requires constant walking for 10 hours at a time, became much easier.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. My advice to anyone facing a total hip replacement surgery is to contact Orthopedic ONE and book an appointment with Dr. Huber so you can get your life back!  Dr. Huber and his team truly care. Now, not only can I walk again, but I smile when I think about about the care and compassion I received during my treatment. 

- Belinda Taylor

Little did I know when I broke my ankle in the 1990's, that I would be embarking on a long journey with Dr. Scott Van Steyn AND his excellent staff. His care of my ankle back then led to me having stronger ankles than I'd ever had. I even started to love running as a result of my physical therapy!

From there, my work training dogs and horses has led to a series of silly accidents.When I come in to the office for an appointment, Carey always asks "Dog or Horse?" I think she enjoys hearing the stories behind these injuries! 

In April 2014,  I the first operation of my life to fix a torn meniscus and  improve the arthritis in my knee. At 44 years of age, I wasn't about to let this surgery turn me into a couch potato!  I had a goal to compete in a 5k race with my dog, and this event was scheduled to take place just four months after my surgery.  I discussed this with Dr. Van Steyn and was very supportive although cautious about and urged me to set realistic expectations for my performance. 

I'm pleased to report that in August 2014, just 4 months after my knee surgery, I not only able to run, but place first in my age group and first place dog in the race!  After accomplishing my first goal, I knew I had to keep pushing myself. In February 2015, I ran my first half marathon EVER, the Disney Princess Half. Just ten months after my operation, I ran 13.1 miles with no knee pain. I never would have been able to achieve these accomplishments without the great team behind me at Orthopedic ONE...WE DID IT!!!


- MaryBeth Andrascik

In 2015, my daughter broke both feet and in October 2016, after a season of volleyball, she indicated her foot was hurting again. During her initial visit with Dr. Gorsline and Michelle Zwolinski, she was diagnosed with a stress fracture. We left having felt that the appointment was a a very positive experience and we followed the doctor's orders over the next few weeks. 

We recently came back for her follow-up appointment, and this time, we worked exclusively with  Michelle. There are not enough words to describe the level of care and compassion she has for her patients. She created a warm environment where we didn't feel rushed out of the office. As a parent, I felt "heard" with my concerns. My daughter was anxious to get back into sports. Michelle listened and verified her recommendations with the doctor. She is a positive example in a medical profession which seems to be concerned primarily with time and money. WE LOVED HER and wish there were more people like her in the medical field!

- Lori Oberle

In September 2016, Dr. Joel Politi replaced my right hip. On October 7th, I began physical therapy  at your Westerville Physical Therapy office. I was placed with Troy Kress and Mary Sue Garrison for my therapy. Troy conducted  a thorough evaluation of my condition and assessed my limitations. He put together an innovative rehabilitation program for me.  After being with Troy for five minutes, I felt as if I had known him for five years. Troy is a genuinely nice person who has an extremely likable personality. My therapy flew by as he kept me working hard as we discussed sports and various other things.

At 45 years old, I am young for a hip replacement. Troy realized this after my initial assessment and customized a great therapy plan for me.  I am now six weeks post-surgery and am doing extremely well.  On November 4, 2016, I completed my physical therapy and told Troy how pleased I was. I told him that I wanted to recognize him and he seemed surprised  by this. I told Troy that if there  is a place to receive complaints, then there must be one to receive compliments as well.  I hope this letter will allow Troy to be recognized for all he has done for me and the good face he puts on Orthopedic ONE Physical Therapy.

- William Geng

I had spinal fusion surgery on Sep 12, 2016 and I can't tell you how happy I am with the results!  Actually, the entire process was smooth and couldn't have gone better. 

Dr. Herceg had told me that I would be able to get back to work in two weeks of the operation, and sure enough I was back at work exactly two weeks later! The pain in my back and numbness in my leg that I used to get from standing and walking is gone. 

My kids have noticed that I don't need to stop and sit down when we are out running errands, etc. I had put off the surgery for longer than I should have; I wish I had pulled the trigger on it last year! 

My thanks to Dr. Herceg, Cici, and everyone else on the staff who made this possible for me! 

- Colin Boyle

I was 34 years old, in the best physical shape of my life. As a law enforcement officer, I was used to exercising everyday, never once thinking about what it would mean if my normal daily living was altered. While on duty, I suffered what would be a serious injury to my left hip. I was seen by several doctors who recommended me to another doctor back home (all the other doctors thought my injury was too complicated for them to fix). This doctor attempted to fix my hip, but on the operating table he realized my injuries were to severe for him to fix. He backed out and recommended Dr. Thomas Ellis. I was advised that Dr. Ellis was the doctor who could fix me.

From the very first, I could see why Dr. Ellis was thought of in such high regard. He was very professional and knowledgeable about complicated hip conditions. It would be easy to end there with my testimonial, but that would not due justice to my story and the blessing of Dr. Ellis.

Dr. Ellis performed what would be my first successful hip surgery. I was seen by him and another doctor afterwards, both giving me a great prognosis report, unfortunately I fell 10 days after surgery, causing all kinds of complications.

Dr. Ellis went above and beyond to repair my hip trying to get me back to a normal life where I could enjoy my normal daily activities, which include caring for my toddler, son after my fall. I have had my hip replaced as a result of my complications from a fall. I was lucky to have him perform this surgery as well.

He answers all questions and provides you with detailed timetables and expectations you can have after surgery. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, as Dr. Ellis has provided care to me I have never known by a doctor. As a result of my life being altered so much from my injuries I have developed some severe depression and anxiety. Dr. Ellis has been there every step of the way caring about my physical and mental well-being. He helped refer me to see someone who could help me deal with the emotional aspect of my injury in addition to asking me how I am mentally doing every time I go to his office. I share this to give readers a perspective of his bedside manner.

This caring atmosphere is not only shared by Dr. Ellis though. The entire staff shows the same professionalism and caring to each of their patients. I have never had a bad experience or interaction with anyone at Orthopedic ONE.

If you are nervous or scared about your future due to injury, Dr. Ellis and the staff at Orthopedic ONE are the ones you want go with!

- Dusty Hughes

Having worked as a Surgical Technician for many years, I have had the chance to see how numerous doctors and staff interact with their patients.

The professionalism, speed, and quality of care I have received at Orthopedic ONE is nothing short of amazing!  Dr. Scott Van Aman  is wonderful and Tammy Gahm is fast to respond to any questions or concerns I have had. In fact, I rate the entire staff at the Upper Arlington office as far above anything else I have ever experienced in the medical field! 

Orthopedic ONE should be the STANDARD by which all medical facilities should strive to obtain. If every medical office, surgical center and hospital worked as efficiently and with as much care as you, this country's medical care would be rated as number one in the world!

- Bernard Conrad

I've been going to Orthopedic One for a little while now, from my initial appointment to my most recent; this young lady has been a tremendous blessing!!! Kindness is always a choice and genuine concern is a double blessing....Jackie has been extremely instrumental in assisting and supporting me in receiving the requested treatment for my knee. The right knee treatment went smoothly but there were issues later when it became time for the left knee. Through Jackie's ongoing efforts and tireless tenacity with my insurance; after her overcoming several obstacles my treatment was put in place. Yesterday I received the much needed treatment!!! I'd like to acknowledge her!!! and say thank you so much, you're greatly appreciated.

- Anonymous Westerville Location Patient

Dave Lewin was phenomenal in the type of therapy provided, enabling me to get back to work quicker. Dave was a great listener, wanting to learn what my job entailed so that he could incorporate the proper therapy which greatly advanced my recovery. He also was wonderful to talk with family members advising the status of my progression. I highly recommend him as a therapist. Thank you Dave!

- Anonymous - Therapy Patient

I just want to take a moment to share my appreciation. Dr. Paul Melaragno and Dr. Scott Van Steyn were so patient working with me and my stubborn knee! They were very attentive and determined to get to the root of the problem and see what could be done to address it. Thank you! 

- Leigh Reynolds

To Dr. Edwards: It's been about a year since we last saw each other. I'm the big stubborn power-lifter that tore his quad tendons last year. I wanted to say thank you for the great work you did. My knee's feel better than they have in years. I actually competed for the first time since December 2014 over the weekend (8/13/2016). To say I had a successful day would be an understatement. I managed to take the biggest squat I ever have and made it looked easy. I got myself back in the top 10 in the country, something I really wasn't sure would be possible. Here is the video.

 Thank you,


- Matt Disbrow

In the Summer of 2009, I was in terrible pain and elected to have Dr. Derek Snook perform a spinal fusion to replace 3 disks in my neck. The operation was a success and gave me much needed relief from the pain I had been experiencing for years. 

I would recommend Dr. Snook to anyone with a neck or spine problem. Thank you, Dr. Snook! 

- Robin Williams

I began seeing Dr. Hoang this past spring to help treat the carpal tunnel syndrome I had developed in both hands. As I got older, my symptoms got worse, and I was starting to have problems performing even basic tasks. It really limited me and the amount of pain I was in was terrible!

 Dr. Hoang sent me off for some testing, and when the results came back, we sat down to talk and decided to move forward with the surgery on my right hand first. My operation took place a few weeks ago at Grady Memorial Hospital, and I have a follow up appointment to have my stitches removed today. I cannot tell you how happy I am with the results so far! Just hours after my surgery, I was free of the carpal tunnel symptoms! I had the typical post-operative discomfort that follows any surgery, but I was so happy to have feeling back in my hand. The constant numbness and tingling I had been experiencing is finally gone! 

Dr. Hoang and the staff at Orthopedic ONE's office in Delaware, as well as the staff at Grady Memorial Hospital were so kind and compassionate. Dr. Hoang knows what he is talking about, and I couldn't recommend a better surgeon!  I'm looking forward to having the same procedure done on my left hand within the next few weeks, so I can get on with my life!  5 Stars all the way! I love having doctors who are knowledgeable, really care, and play an active role in the entire recovery process. 

Thank you, Dr. Hoang- Now lets get my left hand feeling just as great! 

Misty Hoffman

- Misty Hoffman

I can't speak highly enough of Dr. Larry Watson as well as the Physical Therapy staff. I came in with a labral tear in my left shoulder. Dr. Watson has a strong athletic background and it was so reassuring to me that I was speaking to one of my own. His work was impeccable - I have felt NO pain whatsoever in my rehab process! He is always fun to talk to, gets to the point and is more than competent. He showed me all of my xrays and MRIs, explained everything to me from start to finish both pre- and post-op. I am healing faster than ever expected!

- Marie Cotter

I just wanted to say that they do not get any sweeter than Dr. Politi! On top of his excellent bedside manner, he is also a very skilled physician. My work experience has been in healthcare, and I have come across many healthcare professionals during my 40 year career. Dr. Politi absolutely ranks as one of the best!

- Lindee Teague

I am the Mother of a child who recently had a knee procedure performed by Dr. Peter Edwards. His bed side manner was wonderful and he made sure to treat my daughter like person, not a "number". Dr. Edwards made a conscious effort to keep me informed about all aspects of my daughter's care. He even let me call in during one of my daughter's appointments that I was unable to attend!

I'm happy to say that my daughter's surgery went well and she did not experience any complications. Even after the procedure, Dr. Edwards continued to work with my daughter to address any post-op concerns that arose. I highly recommend Dr. Edwards, he is a very talented surgeon, who is also compassionate and really cares about his patients.

- Anonymous- Upper Arlington Patient

About 2 years prior to surgery, I injured my knee tripping down the steps at home. Something twisted making me writhe in pain and made it impossible for me to put weight on it for several days. After having an orthopedist inject steroids into my knee to reduce the inflammation and pain on 2 occasions, it was decided that surgery was indicated. My meniscus had exploded I was told. Dr. Melaragno replaced my knee followed by a month of very intense and painful PT. Sticking with it faithfully is the reason my knee now seems as good as new! Persistence pays off. I have told many others about Dr. Melaragno's excellent work. I have heard others talk of their problems and foibles after knee surgery, even ones who were not obese, so I was skeptical going in. But following his orders is critical to success and he is top-notch in his field. Many thanks to him for seeing to it that I walk without pain and can sleep without painful interruptions to turn over multiple times.

- Kim Unthank

In October I had a lot of pain in my right hip and I couldn't take the pain anymore. Then I was recommended to Dr. Ellis, he is such a wonderful and caring person. He got right down to it, found out what was wrong, and I had my surgery on the 22nd. Dr. Ellis and his staff are amazing, I could not have asked for a better medical team. This is the first time since October that I was able to put all my weight on my leg. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Orthopedic ONE for everything you did for me, and the staff at Ohio Orthopedic Surgery Institute, you guys are the best. Everyone there are so sweet and nice.

- Brenda

I just want Dr. Wroble to know how great of a job he did on my shoulder at Deacones Hospital in Cincinnati. I have had no problems since. If anything I am stronger. I have been coaching girls softball for 9 years. He is a great doctor and I wish he was still in Cincinnati. Also did great job on my left knee. Thank You!

- Tony Spradlin

Thank you God for Dr. Larry Watson. Had an early morning appointment with Dr. Watson and because of the early hour he read my MRI himself. Dr. Watson said my shoulder was fine but he did not like the density of bone marrow in the shoulder area. He referred me back to my family physician for additional blood tests. I had the tests on Sept. 14 at 9 or 10 a.m and by 10 p.m.I was admitted to The James at OSU's medical facility. One of my sister's was a 100% match for a bone marrow transplant which I received on December 28, 2015. Today I am cancer free. Without Dr. Watson I would not be here to celebrate. There are no words that can be written to adequately thank Orthopedic One and specifically Dr. Larry Watson for saving my life!

- Nancy Snider

I was just hoping to reach out to Dr. Wroble. I was an early patient back in 1991 in Cincinnati, where Dr. Wroble did an ACL replacement (from a cadaver) on my right knee. I thought he'd be interested to know that he allowed me to return to athletics for a very long time. I was able to run in numerous 5K and 10K events, the first Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, play in countless softball games and many racquetball matches.

Although at 56, I've definitely slowed down considerably, Dr. Wroble's work continues to allow me to lead an active life.

Please let him know how grateful I've been throughout the years and that I wish him continued success.

- Mark Owens

Very happy!!

I was recommended to Doctor Politi by Doctor Ed Seasons at the Veterans administration here at the Columbus facility near the airport. My subsequent visits with Doctor Politi proved that I would need two knee replacement surgeries. They have now both been completed and I could not be happier with the results!

Doctor Politi himself may be the best Doctor I have ever seen. While he was with me I never felt rushed and all my questions were answered in detail. He stares you straight in the eye and speaks to you in a calm and confident voice. His skills as a surgeon are unsurpassed and his bedside manner is stellar. The very good news is that he inspires his staff, ALL of them to the same high standards.

Everyone before, during and after the procedures was kind and professional. I have to say it is the first time I have slept when staying overnight at a hospital. The nurses, administration assistants, techs and physical therapy people are all consummate professionals and I verbally recommend Orthopedic One to any friend facing a problem with their knees. I would also add that the staff at BOTH Mount Carmel hospitals was stellar in their care for me as well.

I just had to thank them in writing and I hope you will pass this along to everyone involved. Thank you so much!!

- Michael Dugger

I can't believe how great I feel with no pain since I had my hip replaced. I should have done this years ago. Not only would I refer Dr. Politi but his entire staff are the best around. The Taylor Station Surgical Center is clean and are very knowledgeable group. Also the Summit Group of therapist are the best around and explain everything so you understand. Once again, Thank You Dr. Politi and the entire surgical team for a job well done.

Larry Ison

- Larry Ison

Dr. Derek Snook was very helpful with my visit and BWC case. He offered his help in anyway he could, completely understanding my position and what needed to get done.

I would highly recommend Dr. Snook to anyone with needs in his area of expertise.

- Stephen Caruso

Dr. Clem was able to get me in on short notice and to start my series of knee injections upon the first visit. There were two injection follow up visits over the next two weeks. Dr. Clem was very personable and took the time to explain everything about the shots. I had had these shots about two years ago, and the current shots took a bit longer to work. I believe the medicine was a different brand than what I had before, so I may want to go back to the first brand in the future. Nevertheless, Dr. Clem did an outstanding job and these shots have proven very helpful.

- Anonymous

Derek Speaker was my Physical Therapist for several months while I was recovering from a Hip Replacement. Derek provided a professional approach with a PT program that addressed my issues and care. There were challenges which were dynamic in nature but Derek made the necessary modifications to aid in my recovery.

Derek was a wealth of knowledge and was truly interested and dedicated to getting me back on track. I sincerely appreciate his being on the Orthopedic One team.

- John - Total Joint Replacement and Therapy Patient

Last summer I had a traumatic accident happen to me, I fell through a glass store and cut my left wrist to the point of no function pretty much. I got referred to see Dr. Quinn at the emergency room. I saw him and the first day I felt like it was all going to be okay under his and Meredith's care. Right as I went into my first surgery Meredith came into my room and said, "We have a long road ahead of us, but we will get through this!" I'm still currently on this road after three surgeries. I started therapy with Emily and enjoyed her. Then moved to Bridget, she scared me and I decided to do therphy somewhere else. Dr. Quinn really pushed for me to see her more so I did. Words cannot describe how much I owe Bridget for all she does for me! I have turned out to love her. I still see her, and now look forward to my visits! Today i came in for a checkup with Meredith and the Theraphy girls saw me after. I really enjoyed the afternoon with her, Carrie, Emily, and Cheryl! They make me not scared and realize I'm not alone! They have all helped down this long road I'm still on but I'm really glad it's with all these ladies and Dr. Quinn. I really don't have the words to explain how appreciative I am for my team! Thank you all help me as much as you have, you've seen my tears, pain, joys and laughter over the year and we still have a little more to go.

- Kelsey Bates

My daughter, Holland Jones, was seen today for a follow up visit with Dr. Fowler, and as per his usual manner, it was a great experience. When we walked out of the office, I mentioned that Dr. Fowler was a great physician, and my daughter chimed right in and said that "he never makes me feel rushed like other doctors who just want you to hurry and up and say what is wrong so they can get you out. He really listens." We discussed how compassionate he is and when you are being seen by him, how he is so attentive and makes the patient feel as though you are the focus. Just thought he would like to know..... Thanks for great care for me and my family.

- Marian Jones (Mother of Holland Jones)

I wanted to share a photo of my mother, Carla Fry, waiting to be discharged with a big smile of her face! She was a patient of Dr. Scott Van Steyn and he was amazing. He fought for my mom all week long and moved mountains to get her admitted to the hospital, and a bed at 10:30 at night, ensuring she had a needed procedure done the next day. We are so thankful for the good care from him!

Thank you, thank you!!! My father is also thankful as you can see by his two thumbs up :)

- Alyssa Fry (on behalf of mom, Carla Fry)

First of all my initial date is off. My surgery was 4/10/2015. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am with my new knee. It is getting better everyday. I am writing this because I can not believe yet how personal your staff is from day one up until my last visit! I was treated like a person and not a number. It is bad enough to have to go to the doctor, then new doctor on top of it and then just be treated like I am just another number. It is nice to be treated like a person...a real person! Like you have walked in my shoes! Thank all of you so very much!

- Robyn Turner

After visits to several doctors in my area with no relief from the pain I was experiencing for up to 9 months. I found Dr Sahai after Internet research at Orthopedic One in Upper Arlington. Dr. Sahai immediately diagnosed me with a left hip that had went bad. After revision surgery on 4/28 I am now pain free. I appreciate the knowledge, experience and kindness from Dr. Sahai and all the staff at Orthopedic One.

- Dea Snyder

I had a double epidural in my lumbar area and within 48 hours, I started feeling 10 yrs younger, due to the fact I can now step up a couple of steps into my home without the awful pain going out into my hips!! Dr. Witter did an amazing job! He explained each step of what he was doing and didn't let me experience any more pain than necessary. I am truly amazed!!

- Jan Kirkpatrick

I do have orthopedic issues and Dr. William Barker is my doctor. I've got bad knees.

I've gone to him for probably about 8 years. He explains things well. He makes time for his patients. He takes as long as necessary. He doesn't rush you out the door. He knows his stuff. He will not let substandard care be a part of his patient's care.

- Angie's List - Anonymous

My wife had a total hip replacement performed by Dr. McShane on April 21, 2015. Weeks before the surgery Dr. McShane and his staff provided both oral and written information regarding the procedure, and answered my wife's questions both during the initial appointment and by telephone when my wife had follow-up questions. In addition, my wife was given the opportunity to attend a two-hour session which provided information and useful tips about pre-surgery and post-surgery care. In addition, she was able to attend a pre-surgery therapy session. Dr. McShane and his staff were very professional, efficient and patient-friendly.

The surgery was very successful. Now, two months later, my wife is walking again with only occasional support of a cane (which she will not need in the near future), but most importantly, she is walking without pain! What a difference from her condition before the hip replacement. We highly recommend Dr. McShane and his staff.

- Angie's List - Anonymous

For years I was dealing with aching and stiffness in my hips. As time went on it progressively got worse to the point where I couldn't walk normally. I began to have less flexibility to the point of tying my shoe was a struggle and my hip would give out as I would walk causing me to buckle. When I got out of bed I felt like I was 70 years old, I'm 41 by the way and my situation was making me miserable so I decided to do something about it. I fortunately ended up in Dr. Bryan Chambers office where he diagnosed me with degenerative arthritis in both my hips. To improve my quality of life long term he recommended hip replacement. That was quite a shock to me but between Dr. Chambers and his staff they were very gentle with me and through a good dialogue they were able to set my mind at ease about it because news like that is hard to swallow. I had my left side done first because that was giving me the most grief. I was off work close to 12 weeks healing and doing therapy, I've been back to work now for almost a month and I can certainly feel the improvement and with that I've continued exercising to regain strength and improve overall. When it comes time to get my right side done I will definitely return to Dr. Chambers and his staff. If u can relate to any of my symptoms I highly recommend talking to Dr. Chambers.

- Anonymous (Westerville Patient)

I originally herniated my disc December 2012 and after almost two years began to have spasm in my leg due to the herniation and decided on surgery. While the surgery went well and everyone in the center was great to work with, I had more pain than prior to surgery. My Orthopedic ONE physical therapist, Eric Clevidence was great about explaining the why and began to help me with my rehabilitation. His knowledge, patience and careful guidance and cheerfulness were what I needed to get the confidence back to be active again. My energy level is back, I am working out at least 5 times a week now. I am even able to safely do lunges once again. Stairs are no longer exhausting. Granted, having the the herniated part removed from around my L4 nerve was the first step, however, with Eric's guidance, I patiently let the nerve heal and safely progressed to activity I have not been able to do in 2 years! Thanks!

- Debra Stoner

After my initial visit, I scheduled my hip repacement surgery for Feb. 22nd, 2012. I was the first person operated on that day at Mt. Carmel East. I was up and out of bed by 1:00 P.M. and walked across the room. I returned home Friday the 24th of Feb. and did in-home rehab. with a therapist three days a week for three weeks. I continued these exercises and began walking outdoors further and further until I could walk 1 1/2 miles. I saw Doctor Chambers after 7 weeks of recovery and he gave me the OK to try and play golf again. I travelled to the driving range the next day and did quite well. It was easier than I would have imagined. I played my first round of golf on Tuesday April 17th and have worked up to three time a week at present.

I am thrilled with my excellent recovery and would like to thank Dr. Bryan Chambers for his excellent care and skill as a surgeon.

Sincerely, John Hollingsworth

- John Hollingsworth

In July of 2011 I had total knee replacement surgery of my left knee. My Surgeon, Dr. Kennedy, performed the surgery. I will admit the first couple of weeks were a little difficult due to the swelling, bruising and physical therapy. I was able to manage the pain very well and within three weeks I was walking with the help of a cane but only when I left the house. I did not need to use even a cane at home. My family and friends were amazed by my speedy recovery. Now I can go for walks or go shopping and I no longer have pain in my knee. I would never want to have the pre-surgery pain I suffered again.

- Pam Hilton