Tips for Carrying Luggage

The holidays are synonymous with hustle and bustle, and often include traveling to see loved ones or maybe treating yourself to a holiday vacation! 

However, take extra care while packing your suitcase with your essentials and gifts. In 2019, 72,000 people visited emergency rooms, doctors’ offices, and clinics seeking treatment for injuries related to carrying luggage. Most of these injuries were to the back, the neck, and the shoulder. 

Follow these tips for safely transporting luggage to help keep your holiday travels merry and injury-free!

  • Pack smart! Only take what you think you will need
  • Use luggage with wheels 
  • Follow these steps when placing luggage in an overhead compartment. First, place the luggage on the top of the seat. Next, put your hands on both sides of the suitcase and lift it. If your luggage has wheels, the wheel side should go into the compartment first. Once the wheels are inside, place your hand on top of the luggage and push it back.
  • Reverse this process when removing your luggage when you reach your destination. Do not be shy to ask for assistance lifting your baggage overhead or removing it.
  • If a particular piece of luggage is bulky or heavy, consider checking it. 
  • Always utilize proper lifting techniques, bending at your knees and lifting with your legs. Never lift with your back, and avoid twisting or rotating your spine.

Source: American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons