Exercises to Maintain Your Swim Fitness...No Pool Required!

2020 has been a unique year in many ways, as we have been forced to find new ways of doing everyday tasks and activities. Endurance athletes or triathletes, are no exception. As a result of COVID-19, the majority of races have been canceled, postponed, or replaced with virtual races, which allow athletes to participate in an endurance event from their home or community while practicing social distancing. 


An In-Depth Look at Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Follow along as hand specialist, Craig Dimitris, M.D., explains what Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is, common risk factors, how Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is diagnosed, conservative and surgical treatment options, and the post-surgical recovery process.


Prepare for Activity and Reduce Your Risk of Injury with a Functional Warm-Up!

Follow along as Orthopedic ONE's Kirsten von Zychlin, DPT, AT, SCS, guides you through a proper functional warm-up. Warming-up prior to exercise prepares the body for movement on a cellular level. Functional and Dynamic Warm-Ups have been found to be more successful at getting the body ready for activity and reducing the risk of injury compared with static stretching.


An In-Depth Look at Shoulder Instability

Follow along as shoulder specialist, Dr. James Latshaw, explains what shoulder instability is, who is most at risk for these types of injuries, when surgical intervention is appropriate, what happens during surgery, and the post-surgical recovery process.


Shoulder Exercises for Improved Rotator Cuff Strength and Stability

Follow along with Adam Lah, DPT, OCS, as he demonstrates a series of 5 advanced shoulder exercises. While these exercises were put together specifically with tennis players in mind, this program is applicable for anyone participating in an activity that requires a healthy amount of upper extremity repetition. 


An In-Depth Look at the ACL

Follow along as sports medicine specialist, Dr. Randy Wroble, discusses ACL injuries in detail and provides helpful information on what to expect when an ACL injury occurs, how these injuries are treated, what to expect if you have ACL surgery, and the recovery process.


Orthopedic ONE Physicians Named to Columbus Monthly's America’s Top Doctors® List

Congratulations to the following Orthopedic ONE physicians who were included in the America’s Top Doctors® list, featured in Columbus Monthly magazine. 


Dr. Raymond Wurapa Selected as 2019-2020 Orthopedic Teacher of the Year

Each academic year, the Mount Carmel Orthopedic Residency Program selects an Orthopedic Teacher of the Year, based on excellence in teaching and mentorship. 


Lower Back Pain Stats and Solutions

“My Back Hurts”

“I have this burning pain down into my buttocks and leg”

“I have Arthritis and Degenerative Disc Disease in my back”

“Pain Medication helps a little but it’s only temporary relief”

These are some of the most common statements we hear from our diverse patient population. While every patient is unique, our team works diligently to create a treatment plan specific to each and every patient, which usually yields a good and sustained outcome. 


Dr. Randy Wroble Discusses the Return of High School Sports Amid COVID-19

As high school sports make their return this month, Dr. Randy Wroble, Orthopedic ONE Sports Medicine specialist and chairman of the OHSAA’s Joint Advisory Committee on Sports Medicine weighs in on which sports may be most susceptible, as well as concerns about asymptomatic athletes spreading the virus.