NBC's Friday Night Sports Show features O1 patient with plans to compete with all-amputee CrossFit team at Arnold Classic

Orthopedic ONE patient Anthony Torres competes in all-amputee CrossFit team at Arnold Classic. Watch the segment on NBC.

10TV's Side Roads of Central Ohio talks to O1 patient with plans to compete with all-amputee CrossFit team at Arnold Classic


Dr. Joel Politi talks with WOSU's All Sides with Ann Fisher on surgery preparation

Wellness Wednesday with Ann Fisher on WOSU All Sides: Alternate Day Diet, Patient Safety, Health Coach

Download the entire podcast here.


Orthopedic ONE Hilliard Welcomes Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician, EMG and Fluoroscopy Services

Now Available at Orthopedic ONE Hilliard: Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Specialist, EMG and Fluoroscopy Services


Orthopedic ONE’s Gahanna/Reynoldsburg Office Earns Esteemed 2013 Angie’s List Super Service Award

Orthopedic ONE's Gahanna/Reynoldsburg was named a 2013 recipient of the Angie's List Super Service Award, which honors excellence among service and health providers who maintain superior service ratings and reviews on Angie's List throughout the year.


Orthopedic ONE announces 5th Annual Spirit Sprint 5k Run/Walk to be held May 4, 2014

5th Annual Spirit Sprint 5k Run/Walk

The Spirit Sprint 5k Run/Walk is now in its fifth year! To date, this event has raised more than $41,000 in support of athletic and extracurricular programming at participating schools. Last year, the Groveport Madison Cruisers walked away with $10,000 in support of their athletic program. The Gahanna-Lincoln Lions earned $5,000, which they used to offset participation fees for both the girls’ and boys’ cross country teams.



Being aware of ways to prevent heat illness may help keep you in the game

By Peter H. Edwards, Jr., M.D.

As training for the fall soccer season heats up and hot temperatures continue, coaches, parents and players should remember the basics of temperature related illness. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious medical conditions resulting from the body’s inability to cool itself and maintain fluids. Risks factors for heat illness include both elevated humidity and temperature. Compared to adults, young soccer players are at increased risk of temperature related illness because they sweat less than adults and, consequently, are less able to cool their bodies.


Ankle Sprains: #1 Cause of Soccer Players' Emergency Room Visits

By Peter H. Edwards, Jr., M.D.

Ankle sprains are not only the biggest reason athletes visit the emergency room, but are also the most common soccer injury. Sprain is the term that describes an injury to a ligament. All sprains are graded I-III.

Grade I injuries are mild and do not involve any tearing of ligament fibers. Grade II sprains result in tearing of some, but not all, of a ligament’s fibers. Grade III tears are complete tears of the ligament.

Ankle sprains occur in athletes of all ages, but teenage athletes are more likely to experience severe injuries than young athletes.



By Peter H. Edwards, Jr., M.D.

Sports activity in athletes of any age can lead to repetitive stress-type injuries often called overuse

conditions. Young athletes are at even greater risk due to growth centers in the bone and their inherent

weakness and from muscular imbalances that often develop with growth. Overuse conditions develop when

micro-injuries occurring during play accumulate because athletes haven’t rested enough between activities.

Three common overuse injuries are: Sever’s disease (calcaneal apophysitis); Osgood-Schlatter’s disease and

shin splints.


Healthy hamstrings key to staying in the action this indoor soccer season

By Mark J. Triffon, M.D.

As indoor soccer games are gearing up this winter, so is the frequency of players’ hamstring injuries. Coming in from cold weather and being less active during winter months, hamstring muscles are rarely warmed up enough to endure the aggressive spurt of sprints and cuts associated with indoor soccer. Consequently, many players’ indoor seasons are cut short due to painful hamstring injuries.