Benefits Of Agility Ladder Training

Looking for a way to mix up your workouts? Why not give the agility ladder a try? These fast-paced drills get your heart pumping and torch plenty of calories. Beyond that, they’re also the perfect form of cross-training for virtually any other workout you’re currently doing. Why? They improve three key fitness factors—speed, agility and quickness—in addition to strengthening your joints, ligaments and tendons. Incorporating agility ladder workouts into your fitness routine is also great for improving brain health! What’s not to love?!


Dr. Joel Politi Talks Horse Racing with 97.1 The Fan's Carpenter and Rothman

Our physicians are often asked to provide expert comment to media sources when it comes to orthopedics and sports medicine, but this week we had an expert of a different kind. Check out the clip of Dr. Joel Politi talking all things Kentucky Derby with 97.1 The Fan's Carpenter and Rothman. Listen Here.

PS. Congrats to Dr. Politi and Serengeti Empress on their big win over the weekend at the Kentucky Oaks!! You can read more about that race here.


It’s Not Just in Your Head

This May marks Mental Health America's 70th year celebrating Mental Health Month! Mental health may seem like an out of place topic for a sports medicine blog, however, mental health awareness is a trending topic in the amateur and professional sports communities alike. In fact, researchers at both Drexel University and Kean University, have found that,“nearly 25% of collegiate athletes reported “clinically relevant” levels of depressive symptoms.” The American College Health Association found these numbers to be even higher. 


Nutrition for the Active Individual: You Get Out What You Put In

Nutrition is an important aspect of healthy living that even those who consider themselves to be active, can tend to overlook. There is a false belief that logging enough hours of physical activity is the main factor in getting to and maintaining a healthy weight. Worse, some are under the impression that consistent exercise serves as a free pass to over-indulge during meal and snack times. However, weight loss and maintenance is more about what goes into the body than what is burned off, with the ratio being around 20% dependent on exercise vs. 80% dependent on nutrition.

 Additionally, the energy needed to keep up with a high level of physical activity begins with how the body is fueled. In order for performance levels to remain high, energy levels, which stem from proper nutrition, must also remain high. Sustaining proper energy levels will not only positively impact performance, but will also help aid in injury prevention. 


Severe Weather Safety

Spring has sprung, and with it, comes the likelihood that some days will be filled with more April showers than May flowers. In some cases, those spring showers can develop into thunderstorms, which can do more than put a damper on your outdoor plans and sporting events. Check out the following tips to stay safe when severe weather strikes!


Growing Pains: Detecting and Overcoming Sever’s Disease

Typically occurring during the growth spurts of early puberty, this condition is most commonly seen in girls ages 8-13 and boys ages 10-15. During this time, the heel bone sometimes grows faster than the leg muscles and tendons, causing them to become tight and overstretched. This makes the heel less flexible and puts pressure on the growth plate. Over time, repeated stress on the already tight tendons damages the growth plate, causing the swelling, tenderness and pain associated with Sever's Disease.


We're more than physicians.

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We're more than physicians. Like you, we are dads, runners, golfers, sports fans and much, much more. Trust our team to put our experience, expertise and understanding to work for you. At Orthopedic ONE, what means the most to you is what matters most to us.


What Are Athletic Trainers And How Can They Help Keep You Healthy?

March is National Athletic Training Month! Let’s take a few moments to shine a spotlight on the special role our Athletic Trainers play in helping our patients pursue better lives, one story at a time.

Athletic Trainers work with doctors, physical therapists and other healthcare professionals to provide quality care to patients, helping them restore function after an injury so they can return to doing the things they love, such as sports, school/work and their other daily activities. When you see someone running onto the field during a sporting event to help an athlete with an injury, it’s likely an Athletic Trainer!  


Take a Minute to Learn How to Save a Life

Many Americans think practicing heart health simply means evaluating habits such as eating right, getting enough exercise and effectively managing stress, and making changes as necessary.

While these practices are important, another vital aspect of heart health is learning about a condition that many young athletes who consider themselves to be active and healthy may mistakenly overlook as a vital component to evaluating their heart health, Sudden Cardiac Arrest.


Dr. Randall Wroble named 2019 Practitioner of the Year by Columbus CEO Magazine

Each year, Columbus CEO Magazine honors central Ohio healthcare providers and organizations in its Healthcare Achievement Awards issue. This year, Orthopedic ONE's Dr. Randall Wroble was named the 2019 Practitioner of the Year for his outstanding contributions to the student athletes in Ohio - and across the country.