Dr. James Popp is giving back in a big way to support Columbus Academy’s “The New Quest Campaign”

Dr. James Popp was recently featured in the Columbus Academy newsletter for his family’s generous support of the schools “The New Quest Campaign”.

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Giving Once With Twice The Impact

When we first visited Columbus Academy to explore it as an option for our children Callista and Max, we already knew of its excellent reputation. We wanted an academically focused school for our kids and one with a population of highly motivated children, which is what we found. Yet, we learned the school was also strong in its extracurricular offerings and was focused on the development of the whole child. The campus and buildings were nice but were clearly in need of modernization and some upgrades.

When we were approached to support The New Quest campaign, we understood why it was needed. In addition to bringing the facilities up to date and improving the physical campus, we wanted to be sure the school would continue to attract good families and students as well as keep and attract strong teachers. The faculty, staff and coaches have been wonderful teachers and mentors, and we can’t imagine the kids being anywhere else. So we knew we were not only investing in the “exterior” of our school we are also investing in its “interior” – the students and teachers.

We realize that everything here came from someone else, and we have benefitted from that. How could we say no or not give to the best of our abilities?

Our kids now get to benefit from our gift, and those families and their kids who come after us will, too. It’s like we’ve given once with twice the impact.

Like most parents, the school is one of the most important things in our life. If you feel that way, join in The New Quest and give to the best of your abilities. When you do, it will feel really good.