Lower Extremity Exercises You Can Do at Home

You don't need a gym membership or high-end equipment to improve your lower body strength! Follow along with Andrea Pohlman, MSAH, AT, as she guides you through this series of exercises that uses common household items and can be done anywhere! 


Beat the Heat

As the temperatures rise and the desire to enjoy outdoor activities increases, so does the likelihood of developing heat illness. Heat illness has several forms, ranging from minor to severe. Luckily, developing complications is preventable if the early signs of heat illness are recognized quickly and treated properly.

 Early Signs of Heat Illness 



Strength and Stretching Exercises for Runners

With the recent concerns of COVID-19 and closures or restrictions at many gyms, a growing number of people are incorporating running into their exercise routines. 

This video will cover injury prevention, considerations for the appropriate volume for a running program, and post-run recovery techniques.

 Follow along with Mackenzie Lefforge, DPT by clicking the video below. 


Stress Reduction Techniques

Most of us deal with stress from time to time for one reason or another. It can be brought on by everyday stressors like balancing the demands of responsibilities at school, work, and home or by something on a larger scale, like a global pandemic. 

Regardless of the cause, mild stress can be minimized through activities like guided imagery, breathing exercises, and physical activity. 


Hand Safety Tips

With many of us spending more time at home, we’ve finally gotten around to some of the activities that get pushed to the back burner. While it’s rewarding to check home improvement projects off our list or spend time preparing a home cooked meal with fresh ingredients, the increase in these activities has caused an uptick in household accidents and injuries.


Ankle Mobility Exercises

The ankle plays a key role in movement and stability and allows the body to perform as desired during exercise and athletic activity. 

These simple, low impact exercises can be done almost anywhere with minimal equipment. 

Ready to get started? Follow along with Troy Kress, DPT, OCS by clicking the video below. 


Stay at Home Resistance Exercises for Seniors

Looking to improve your physical fitness in a few easy steps from the comfort of home?

Strength training is safe and encouraged for people of ALL ages, even those with health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease.

There are many benefits to performing resistance exercises, including building strength, maintaining bone density, improving balance and decreasing fall risk, but most importantly, keeping you independent!


Core Concepts: Part Two!

In our second feature focusing on Core Stability and Strength, we will showcase five simple exercises that can have a big impact in preventing injuries and allowing you to better perform the activities you enjoy!


Core Concepts

While we may hear about the desire for “six-pack abs” or “getting ripped” and may even strive for that type of physique, few of us will actually achieve and maintain that elusive six-pack.

The good news is that there is a big difference between getting that look and having core strength and stability. While six-pack abs may look good on the beach, how much will they truly impact your day to day life? For the average person, probably not too much. However improving core strength and stability can have a big impact in preventing injuries and allowing you to better perform the activities you enjoy! 


Jumping Mechanics

Want to learn the proper way to jump to improve performance and avoid injury? Check out the video and the Jumping Mechanics Checklist below!