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Eric | Knee

I have been a patient at Orthopedic ONE on prior occasions, but my most recent experience revolved around my knee replacement. Dr. Politi and his staff were very professional, informative, responsive to my concerns and thorough in all phases of the process!

Pre-op, OR and Post-op arrangements for education, therapy, home care and devices were all outstanding!! Dr. Politi's experience and expertise throughout the process were were amazing assurances of the best results, as long as I did my part to prepare for the surgery and work diligently after my procedure. 

I was highly impressed by the entire team and the Surgery Center at Easton was also quite impressive.  A+++++ rating!

Anita | Knee

I had been suffering from pain in both knees for several years, which forced me to take prescriptions and over the counter medications in an attempt to find temporary relief. After complaining to my family doctor once again, he finally recommended that I see a knee specialist. 

I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive to move in this direction, especially because I was afraid that if I went to a specialist, I would be told that I needed surgery. However, I was sick of being in constant pain, so I made an appointment with Orthopedic ONE. My hope was to find a young physician who was up on the latest advances and open to exploring more conservative treatment options. 

When I entered the office, the receptionist and the registration associate were professional and kind. The warmth of the staff and the openness of the building was inviting and encouraging. Next I met Rhonda, who took excellent care of me and listened to my concerns. Then my story gets even better, in walks Dr. Jeffrey Backes. He was prompt, reviewed by X-rays with me and told me that he would like to give me an injection in each knee to help ease my pain. 

I was so relieved that he didn't suggest surgery, but not knowing how this worked, I asked a few questions before consenting to the shot. Dr. Backes continued to talk with me as he performed the procedure and before I knew it, we were done! 

The entire experience was so remarkable and the spirit of excellence runs throughout the entire team who helped me. I'm actually looking forward to my next appointment in 6 weeks! 

Keep up the great work!

Debbie | Hip

I had been having pain in my right hip for 2 years and had visited several different doctors with no relief in sight. I contacted Dr. Kenneth Westerheide at Orthopedic ONE, who recommended that I undergo an MRI so he could see my hip and come up with some theories about why I may be experiencing this pain. After seeing the deterioration of my joint, he referred me to one of his partners, Dr. Bryan Chambers. 

Dr. Chambers first attempted to repair the torn cartilage, but unfortunately that did not fix the problem. He said I had two options; I could do nothing and continue coping with the pain or I could have a total hip replacement.  At this point, my hip hurt 24/7 no matter how I positioned myself. I couldn't sit, stand or lay down without being in pain. I had no choice and opted to go with the total hip replacement. About 9 months into my recovery, I started to experience the same symptoms in my left hip. This time, I knew exactly what had to happen, and Dr. Chambers performed a total replacement of my left hip too. 

I'm so grateful that I found Dr. Chambers. He knew just which type of hip joint I needed. He also understands how important being active is to me and allowed me to continue training and teaching martial arts as well as pursue the other physical activities that I enjoy so much! Without his help and the benefits of modern technology, I would be in a wheelchair and not living the lifestyle I am today. Thank you! 

Monica | Hip

After many years of right hip pain, I noticed a decline in my mobility when I began falling while performing everyday activities like mowing the grass or going on a walk. My doctor recommended physical therapy, which did not help. I then sought the advice of an orthopedic specialist who gave me a cortisone injection. Unfortunately, this did not provide any relief either. Eventually, I ended up having an MRI to examine my hip and was told that a full tear in my gluteus minimus had been the source of my pain for all these years! The orthopedic specialist advised that the tear could not be fixed and that I would need to rely on a cane for the rest of my life. At 62 years old, this was not an acceptable answer to me, so I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Thomas Ellis at Orthopedic ONE for a second opinion. 

After a successful surgical repair on Feb 13, 2017, my recovery is right on schedule according to Dr Ellis, Tiffany his Physician Assistant and Dave Kohlrieser my Physical Therapist.  After years of restless nights, I can now sleep soundly without pain. In addition to my physical therapy sessions, walking in the pool at the Grove City YMCA has been a great way to build strength in my leg. I hope to give up my cane within the next few weeks and ride my bicycle by the end of the summer!

Thanks to Dr Ellis and the staff at Orthopedic ONE for giving me my active life back!!

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