Carl | Hip

I sleep better, walk better and played my first 9 holes of golf this week! ... Read More

Nicholas | Knee | Foot & Ankle

Dr. Backes rocks!

Today is the first day in almost a month that I can walk without assistance. The whole team at the Hilliard office from X-ray to checkout is awesome.

Thank you!!!

Anonymous | Foot & Ankle

I am grateful to Dr. Scott Van Aman for his expertise! On November 15, 2016 he removed two bone spurs and repaired my degenerated Achilles Tendon. Before my procedure, I had a big bump... Read More

Tom | Shoulder

Last summer, I was experiencing chronic joint pain in my shoulder and scheduled an appointment at Orthopedic ONE's Westerville office. From the moment I arrived for my first visit, I was made to feel like the staff truly cared about me. Check in was very efficient and quick, and my 2:00 p.m. appointment started right on time. ... Read More


Over the last year, I have had two joint replacement surgeries on my fingers. One procedure was done at a competitor's practice while my most recent was performed at Orthopedic ONE. Two different physicians at two different practices with dramatically different results!... Read More

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